How to Become a Successful Korean Cosmetics Wholesaler in Indonesia?


Korean Cosmetics Wholesale Indonesia


Indonesia is one of the most popular market for Korean cosmetics and skincare products, if you want to become a successful wholesaler, retailer or e-commerce seller in this market, it’s important to understand the market, consumer behavior, what are the popular Korean products, which Korean brands are selling well and find a reliable Korean cosmetics supplier.



Indonesia Cosmetics Market Outlook


Indonesia, as Southeast Asia’s largest economy, with a GDP of US$ 888.5 billion, a population of 250 million and rising incomes, analysts predict that Indonesia will emerge to become one of the top five markets for cosmetics in the next 10 to 15 years. The demand for personal care and cosmetics, and particularly skin, make-up and hair-care products, have witnessed rapid and consistent growth of 10-15 percent per year in recent years.



Indonesian Cosmetic Consumer Characteristics


The median age in Indonesia is 30.5, Indonesia women tend to follow fashion and cosmetics trends in other Asian countries, particularly Singapore, Hong Kong and increasingly Korea. According to industry sources, products that are popular in Singapore would have good prospects in Indonesia. Of the total population, 12-15 percent are estimated to be in the middle-high income range. These group of consumers can afford to buy imported products, cosmetics with quality, trendy and brand names.



The Rise in the Popularity of Korean Cosmetics in Indonesia


Indonesia cosmetics consumers are also following the global trend of increasing preference for “natural” products, with herbal and organic formulations among the fastest growing segments, particularly in premium products.


The Korean drama since the 2000’s have also created a hot trend for Korean culture, and Korean cosmetics and skin care products has gained tremendous popularity in Indonesia market in rent years with it’s good reputation in quality, trendy, natural ingredients and affordable price.



Cosmetics Distribution Channels in Indonesia


Apart from the traditional cosmetics distribution channels such as specialty store, department store, drug store, beauty store etc, Indonesia cosmetics consumers are very advanced and have a appetite in the e-commerce. Selling online is one of the fastest growing channels for cosmetics in Indonesia market.



Popular Cosmetics Products in Indonesia


In Indonesia, similar to many other Asian countries, skin and hair are the two aesthetic qualities most highly valued. Accordingly, skin care and hair care are the two largest categories of product sales, with over 20% of the market.


Products which cater to Indonesia’s local climate and cultural traditions, addressing strong sun, high humidity and urban pollution, as well as the requirement of regular face washing ahead of frequent daily prayers fare well. For many consumers products need to have stronger fragrances, higher SPF protection and be waterproof. In skin care, there is demand for products that even skin tone and whitening agents.



Popular Korean Cosmetics and Skincare Brands in Indonesia


While consumers looking for natural products and brand names, Etude House, Innisfree, Laneige, Nature Republic, Banila Co., The Saem are popular brands in Indonesia. The hot products are Nature Republic Aloe Gel, and SomeByMi Miracle Toner are extremely popular these days, due to it’s unique product feature.



Reliable & Top Rated Korean Cosmetics Supplier in Indonesia


For any successful business, reliable supplier and partner are very important for your success. Q-depot has been supplying Korean cosmetics for many years, we have gain good reputation in the industry and we are rated as one of the best Korean Cosmetics wholesale supplier in the market. You may read our Customers Review to know more about what our customers said about Q-depot.


As a well established Korean Cosmetics supplier, we wholesale more than 130 Korean beauty brands covering all types of cosmetics, skincare, makeup and hair care products. Apart from wholesale of most popular and famous Korea brands such as Etude House, Innisfree, Laneige, Tony Moly, Missha, The Faceshop, Skinfood, Banila Co, The Saem, 3CE, Sulwhasoo, History of Whoo, IOPE, O Hui, su:m, Dr. Jart, COSRX etc, we are also supplying the emerging Korean beauty brands as each brand have their own personality and star products that are suitable in different markets and appealing to different consumers.



Shipping and Custom Clearance Services



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Q-depot has a strong foundation in the Korean cosmetics wholesale industry and have established many valuable partnerships to provide various shipping solutions for our wholesale buyers. We are currently working with EMS, DHL, TNT to provide international delivery services, and sea freight or air-freight services by our appointed forwarders. Our wholesale customer will enjoy discount on the international delivery services.


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Q-depot Online System Simplify Your Wholesale Purchase Process


In order to help you to process the order in the simplest way, all Q-depot customers just to need to register an wholesale account, then you will be allowed to download Order Sheet for all cosmetics brands and view the product prices instantly. You just simply input order quantity and submit the order online. Many of our customers are very happy with our online system and our services as it is really easy and time saving.



Best Customer Services, Anytime Anywhere For Wholesale Customers


Traditionally, trader, suppliers or manufactures are less concern about customer services compare with retailers. However Q-depot has a different perspective that our mission is to provide the best trade and business experience for all our wholesale customers as well as retail customers. In order to provide the best experience for our cosmetics wholesale customer, we are always stand by to answer your inquiries, concerns, order status etc by WhatsApp, WeChat, Skype, LiveChat, Facebook, Phone Call or E-mail. Customers are able to reach us instantly and get their answers immediately.



Korean Cosmetics Positive Growth Potential in Indonesia


South Korea is the 8th largest cosmetics market in the world, representing nearly 3.0% of the global market. In 2016, the market size was estimated to be approximately USD 7.1 billion with annual growth rate of 8.2% for the last few years. While Indonesia has a huge consumer base of 250 Million and rising middle classes, the Korean cosmetics will continue to grow in Indonesia and it’s full potential is yet to be discovered.