Since the sound of the word “ Korean cosmetics “ reverberated all around the world, everybody seems to want to try it for themselves. India, for instance, is not far behind from all the latest Korean skincare trends. As a matter of fact, Korean Cosmetics are picking up in India and many people are curiously looking for Korean Cosmetics Wholesale suppliers. There were plenty of Korean cosmetic brands that partnered with Rajshree Empire to sell Korean beauty products online and in physical stores as well. The Indian beauty market, a multi-million industry, is expected to skyrocket even more in the coming years.

K-beauty is very popular nowadays, what with all the latest and most innovative skincare and cosmetic products that comes out almost every month. And, the best part is - THEY ACTUALLY WORK! This is the main reason why women of all ages, shapes and sizes, particularly Indian women, are so into Korean cosmetics. You can’t find such effectiveness and affordability with Western brands, like what Korean brands can.

Innisfree was the first ever Korean brand to face India in the beauty market. The brand was very popular because of its natural products. It was an instant hit as more consumers were exploring more chemical-free beauty products.

Another brand, The Face Shop, has also fearlessly entered the K-beauty scene in India. Needless to say, they were a big hit as well. Considering Indian women’s present preferences, which is more focused on skincare rather than make-up products. Believe it or not, Indian women even follow the 10-step Korean ritual, which other women find bothersome. This shows that going into Korean Cosmetics Wholesale business in India is a great opportunity if you ever want to delve into the K-beauty scene there.

Aside from Innisfree and Faceshop, brands like Tony Moly and Laneige also gained popularity among Indian women. Laneige with its Time Freeze Intensive Cream and Two Tone Lip Bar are among a few products Indian women enjoy. Tony Moly, on the other hand, is popular for its unique packaging and innovative products that catches the eye of Indian customers. Among their most popular products are the Aquaporin Water Emulsion and Mango Mild Sunblock. All of the brands mentioned have products that are reasonably priced and are worth every penny.

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