Q-depot is a leading wholesale supplier of Korean cosmetics to the Philippines and offers smooth shipping services from Korea to the Philippines, door-to-door including customs handling through LBC. Shipping via LBC Jumbo box is one of the cheapest methods of delivery from Korea although it takes around 2 weeks as it will be shipped via sea. You may opt to ship via air through our partner courier which also handles customs. We have a large happy customer base in the Philippines and know for hassle-free shipping and great customer support. 

Below is a step-by-step process for shipping via LBC Jumbo box. 

LBC Korea jumbo box



Step 1. Place your wholesale order with q-depot online. 

Step 2. Once goods ready, we pack into the LBC Jumbo box and request LBC to pick the box.

Step 3. Once LBC picks the box, we will give your contact details to LBC and LBC details to you. If LBC doesn't contact you, you can contact them directly via their Facebook page.

Step 4. LBC will request you for the shipping fee to their accounts in the Philippines and you make them the payment directly.

Step 5. LBC will ship out your goods and it will arrive in 2-3 weeks as it's a sea cargo.

Note: Once the goods are picked by LBC, our responsibility is over and for any issue, you shall coordinate with LBC directly. 


LBC Korea Jumbo Box Rates


LBC Jumbo Box Rates

Rates could change anytime without prior notice. For the latest rates, please contact LBC Korea directly. 



Heads up


  • We cannot tell you how many pieces will fit in the Jumbo Box and will be known only when we actually pack the goods. 
  • We will combine all of your orders and pack in one Jumbo Box if they fit or else we can make the second Jumbo box or go with an odd box. 
  • LBC picks up Jumbo Box from our warehouse while Odd box must be delivered to their warehouse and the local delivery fee will be charged to you. 
  • All your orders can be combined and packed into one Jumbo Box. 
  • Jumbo Box Size: 74*51*74(cm) - Closed box size 



LBC Jumbo Box Packing Process



We are using LBC Jumbo Box services for over 3 years without any issues. If you are looking for the cheapest shipping method for Korean cosmetics wholesale orders from Korea, the LBC Jumbo box is the best solution for you. 

We supply 190+ famous Korean cosmetic brands at the lowest wholesale prices and ship all over the world. We assure you the best prices and best customer support to make your wholesale purchase as easy as 1, 2, 3 - that's our promise. If you any questions or concerns, please contact us anytime. 


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