Korean Contact Lens are popular around the world and upon the request of many customers, finally, we are starting wholesale of Korean contact lens. The first brand we chose is i-DOL, which is recently renamed as URIA is now available for wholesale at the lowest wholesale prices. 

i-DOL, which is recently renamed as URIA offers a wide variety of stylish contact lenses. We supply their whole product line and the best part is, the wholesale prices are really attractive while giving you an opportunity of making healthy profits. Their top-selling lens are Canna Roze line which includes, Olive Green, Nude Brown, Charcoal Gray, and Beige Brown colors. 



Uria Contact Lens Wholesale


This is just the start, we will bring in more of Korean contact lens at attractive wholesale prices. If you want any other Korean contact lens brand, please suggest and we will try to find it.