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Wholesale Shipping & Tracking

Following are the general shipping methods:

  1. EMS (express mail service)
  2. DHL
  3. TNT
  4. By sea 
  5. Our partner courier for specific countries (including customs handling)
  6. You engage your own forwarder 

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You will only know your exact shipping fee once you place order and goods arrive in our warehouse. Then we will know the exact weight of the products and we can calculate shipping fee. As you know that shipping fee depends on the weight of the shipment. 

For the time being you may estimate your shipping fee.

  1. Estimate EMS Shipping Fee: Please Click here >  

To learn how to estimate shipping fee, watch this Video Tutorial


 2. Download DHL Rates: [60% discount on listed DHL rates]. Click here >

 3. Download TNT Rates: Click here >

 4. Customs Inclusive Shipping Fee: Click here >

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We can handle customs for the following countries, without any customs fee or hassle. Goods will be delivered to your door-step:

1.  Indonesia9.   Japan
2.  Malaysia 10.  USA 
3.  Philippines11.  China (vary)
4.  Singapore 12.  Myanmar
5.  Thailand
6.  Vietnam
7.  Hong Kong 
8.  Taiwan
Customs situation could change for any country without prior notice. 

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Shipping by EMS/DHL/TNT takes around 3 to 5 days to over 100 countries. In general, your parcel shall arrive within 7 days anywhere in the world unless it's held by the custom office. 

Using our courier partners which handle customs as well, it may take around 3 to 7 days for goods to arrive in all listed countries. 

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To track shipping from all courier services including EMS, DHL and many others Click Here > 


Courier specific tracking

  1. To track shippments with EMS click here > OR click here

Complete Video Tutorial for advance tracking

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Yes, you can engage your own forwarder. We will make delivery within Korea to your forwarder warehouse. Once the goods are delivered to them, you have to deal with your forwarder directly afterward. 

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We provide the one-price shipping fee including custom clearance, taxes and duties by air-freight for some countries if using our appointed forwarder: Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Singapore, USA, Taiwan, Hong Kong & Japan. 

For other countries, the shipping fees are NOT inclusive of custom duties and tax. However, we take the following precautions to smooth the custom clearance. 

  1. Low Value Declaration : Low Value Declaration: Usually we declare every carton less than $100 as small value parcels are not held by custom in most countries.
  2. Divide Shipment: If you have a few cartons to be shipped, we may send each carton at different days or could send to different people you suggest such as your family members or your friends. If there is just one carton under one name at custom, it's less likely it will be held by custom.
  3. Under Invoicing: If you need us to provide you with under-valued invoice, we can do that. 

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If you received the wrong items, please contact us within 5 days after receiving your items. Any claim afterward will not be entertained. Sometimes, products are renewed and their packing is changed or they have an additional gift item along. Such cases are not treated as wrong item. 

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Yes! we can under declare your goods and also issue you under valued invoice in order to help you out to reduce custom duties and taxes. Please let us know the amount you want us to declare, before your order are shipped. 

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Yes, you can cancel your order until you didn't make the deposit and your order is not yet up for processing. Once the deposit is made and the order is under processing or it's ready, you are unable to cancel or refund.

Yes! We can make local delivery in Korea (to your forwarder or your hotel) and local shipping fee is as below:


Weight KG Shipping Fee USD
1 - 10 $5 
10 - 20 $7
20 - 30 $10


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Below are the lists of countries where EMS, DHL & TNT shipping services are available. It covers almost every country on the earth. 

EMS CountriesDHL CountriesTNT Countries
Download ListDownload ListDownload List

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No! we do not put invoices in the carton rather they are sent via email. 

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If ever you received wrong products by mistake, please take the picture of carton outer side, wrong products received and send us via email. We will investigate and handle it as soon as possible. Do not open the wrong sent products and keep them safe. We might need you to send them back. 

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In general, we pack each carton up to 24 Kg for EMS and 20 KG for DHL (is must). Although many countries weight limit is 30kg under EMS but we do not opt to pack heavy carton as heavier cartons are difficult to handle in transit and prone to damage. There are certain countries for which EMS accepts only 20 kg maximum carton weight. Below are those countries:


EMS 20 kg limite countries

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If tracking shows "At out bound office" for many days, then it's likely that your parcel is held by custom. Please contact local post office and give them your tracking numbers to check the status and follow up. 

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In case of any dispute about products, payment, shipping or others, you must contact us to report and discuss the dispute within 3 months of transaction time. Afterward, all transactions are assumed to be settled and any dispute will not be entertained.