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FAQ - How to Shop

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Q-depot has well categorized the products for your convenience.

If you are looking for Skincare products, simple put your mouse over “Skincare” on Top Menu and you will see further sub-categories under Skincare and you can choose the one you are looking for.



If you are looking for Makeup products, simple put your mouse over “Makeup” on Top Menu and you will see further sub-categories under Makeup.      

Please mouse over USD sign on top middle of the page > choose your favorite currency from the drop down menu.

How to change currency

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You may calculate your estimated shipping cost in your Shopping Cart page by clicking on “Estimate Shipping & Taxes”. Please input your country and region/state to calculate your shipping cost accurately. Shipping fee is based on the weight (gross weight) of your cart and the shipping country.

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Two easy options to user coupon codes:

Use at Cart Page

To use coupon at cart page, please click Vie Cart > User Coupon Code, select your coupon and click Apply Coupon.


how to use coupon

Use at Checkout

how to user coupon

You can easily filter the products with multiple criteria. For example, if you are shopping for a Cleaning product. 

Step 1: Choose the “Skincare” on the top menu and then “Cleansing” 



Step 2: Choose the criteria on the Right side Menu. For example, you can choose your budget by  ” Shop By Price”, then choose the “Brand”, then choose the skin solution “Brightening” etc. Even you can choose “Dry Skin”, “Oily Skin” or “Sensitive Skin”. If you are Combination skin or Normal skin type, please don’t choose “skin types” so that it will show you all products suit for any skin types. 








If you don't have a PayPal account, still you can shop using your credit/debit card. Watch below Video Tutorial.



This filter will show you all types of products that suitable for the specific skin type. However, if you are looking for a specific category such as “Cleanser” then we recommend you to choose a Category from Top Menu then use the Right side Filter. See Question “How can I filter the products I need”. 


If you are Combination Skin or Normal Skin, do not choose the Skin Type filter so that it will show you all products suit for any skin types. 




You can search keywords “Eco” + “product name”.  For example “Eco” + “Lip Stick” then system will show you the result for lipsticks that are organic. 





You can also find many organic and natural products from our below blog article:

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Step 1: Press “Add to Compare”






Step 2: Click “Compare” Button on the Right Top Corner.





Step 3: Comparison Table will be shown as below.




Step 4: Click “Add to Cart” at the bottom of “Comparison Table”




You need to register as a Member so that you can access this feature.



Step 1: Press “Wish list” on the product




Step 2: Click “Wish List” Button on the Right Top Corner





Step 3:  You will be guided to “Account Login” Page, please sign in or register an account





Step 4:  Wish List will shown as below




If all items are in stock, we can ship out in 3-5 working days otherwise we have to order goods from the supplier and may take 7-10 days. Nevertheless, we will do our best to get your goods ready and ship out as soon as possible. 



Step 1: Click “Shopping Cart” at the right Top Corner & click "Checkout"





Step 2: You will be guided to “Checkout Page”. Please login to your account or fill in all information to register a new account. You can also use “Guest Checkout” if you don’t want to register an account. We highly recommend you to register an Account since you can win reward points, re-order your products easily as a member and many other features. 





Step 3: Press Confirm Order





You can choose to shop with USD, EURO, PHP, RMB or HKD. Please mouse over the “Currency” button above the Search Bar and choose your desired currency.



If you have a question that isn't answered here, please Click Here. You can also get instant help by Live Chat. (Monday ~ Friday 9:00am - 7:00pm GMT+8). If we are away, leave your message and we guarantee reply within 24hours.