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Korean Food Shipping & Tracking

We offer multiple shipping options for Korean Food Wholesale order as below:

- By ocean FCL & LCL 
- By Air (DHL & TNT)
- Your own forwarder
- Customs Inclusive Forwarder (only for Indonesia & Philippines)

We offer multiple shipping options such as by ocean or by air. The best option to ship food is via ocean as food items are bulky and small of value and shipping by air is not a viable option. We strongly suggest shipping via ocean. it may take a little longer for goods to arrive but it will be way cheaper compared to shipping by air. 

We have our ocean shipping partner, you may use them or appoint your own shipping company given that they prepare export documents for the shipment and provide them to our Korean office. 

No, we cannot estimate the shipping fee. Because the shipping fee can only be estimated when goods are ready while we do not keep any stock and order fresh items when you place an order. All couriers both air and sea required to provide cargo weight and dimensions to get a quotation. 

Delivery time varies country to country but most of the Asian countries nearby South Korea may take 2-4 weeks for delivery. While furthest the country, the longer it may take. 

We offer door-to-door delivery services via ocean for Indonesia and the Philippines. 

In case of any dispute about products, payment, shipping, or others, you must contact us to report and discuss the dispute within 1 month  of transaction time. Afterward, all transactions are assumed to be settled and any dispute will not be entertained.