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Korean Food Brands & Products FAQ's

We supply fresh stock for all the brands we handle. We guarantee all the items are fresh as possible. 

The minimum order amount/brand (MOA/brand) is US$ 3,000, while each order must be over US$10,000 mix brands. 

Korean Food Wholesale in general required one full container order while Q-depot offers only $3,000 per brand MOA which is far lower than industry standards. 

The reason MOA is always high is that the food items are bulky in size and small in value and required a lot of effort and cost to handle. For example, each order delivery from the factory to our warehouse will be carried out via an exclusive truck and the same way to ship to the port. Each truck trip could cost between US$200 -500 depending on the location of the factory. If the order size is not big, the brand will not entertain and deliver and if the customer has to pay this high shipping fee per brand, the prices are no more practical. 

Besides, there is a lot of handling work for each order and brands are not willing to handle small orders. 

All products are 100% authentic, fresh, and shipped directly from South Korea. Furthermore, we may get you a Certificate Of Origin (COO) duly attested by the Korean Chamber of Commerce to certify that the goods are authentic and made in Korea under GMP.

Each Certificate has an admin fee of US$20. You can see a sample of COO here

We are a professional company handling Korean cosmetics, Japanese cosmetics, and Korean food for the last 8 years +. We will never compromise on authenticity and our integrity. You may head over to Google, TrustPilot, and other platforms to read our customer's reviews. 

Sorry no, you cannot order less than MOA per brand $3000 or MOA per order $10,000. We have to strictly follow these conditions or else we could not get the stock from each brand as well.


If you can't find the brand you are looking for, please contact us and we will try to source it for you. Make sure that you have a list and quantity of each product you want. 


If you can't find the product you are looking for, please add it at the bottom of the order sheet in yellow highlighted cell. We will source it for you unless it's not discontinued or not available. 

Yes, we supply Halal Korean Food as well. Please click on Halal Tab on our Food Wholesale Page to find out Halal brands.

Yes, we supply Korean Pet Food as well. Please click on Pet Food Tab on our Food Wholesale Page to find out Pet Food brands.

Yes, we supply Korean Baby Food as well. Please click on Baby Food Tab on our Food Wholesale Page to find out Baby Food brands.

Yes, you can cancel your order until you didn't make the deposit and your order is not yet up for processing. Once the deposit is made and the order is under processing or it's ready, you are unable to cancel or refund.