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Tony Moly

Brand: Tony Moly
Description:This is a cream that doesn't just bring brightening to the skin but it also removes dead skin cells to keep the skin radiant and healthy. It brings back the skin glow and provides hydration.How to use:Apply an appropriate amount onto your face and neck. Pat your hands gently..
Brand: Tony Moly
Description:A blusher that can also use in highlighting and shading as it gives a beautiful color payoff and is very pigmented.How to use:Using a brush, apply the blusher onto your cheeks. ..
Brand: Tony Moly
Description:This hair pack is made of yolk nutrients that gives life and vibrant to the damaged and dull hair. It gives moisture and leaves the hair smooth and soft.How to use:After applying shampoo, apply the hair pack on to your hair and gently massage. Rinse it off after 3 minutes...
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