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The Faceshop

Brand: The Faceshop
Description:This Korean mango Seed Cleansing Tissue purifies the skin from dirt and other impurities. It also effectively removes the toughest make-up and even traces of it. It contains Mango Seed Extracts that nourish the skin and keep it healthy. It also moisturizes as it cleans your face. ..
Brand: The Faceshop
Your dry skin surely needs a deep nourishment, use the Mango Seed Heart Volume Butter from The Face Shop. This cream provides rich moisture and hydration to the skin to prevent dryness and flaking. It is a Korean skincare product that is enriched with Adenosine, Mango Seed and Heart Seed that enable..
Brand: The Faceshop
Description:This Korean skincare is a cleanser that turns into foam to gently get rid of impurities and even make-up, off the skin. It has a double cleansing method for a squeaky clean and refreshing feeling . It is enriched with Mango Seed Extract to moisturize and provide protection from env..
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