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11 Jan The Truth Behind Firming Creams and Recommended Korean Firming Cream
Shafi 2 4113
Women always want to look young, no matter what. And, more often than not, they want a faster way to achieve it. So, they turn to different beauty trends like anti-aging products, wrinkle-minimizers a..
07 Dec A Step-by-step Guide to Create The Korean "Ulzzang Look"
Kathy Park 2 25869
Ulzzang or also spelled as eoljjang is a terminology taken from South Korea that means “good-looking” or “best face”. This trend is used and practiced by most Korean males and females and even gain ..
28 Oct New Arising Korean Beauty Brands
Shafi 0 3294
Korea is one of the country that has countless beauty brands and among them there are some new rising stars that gain popularity within decades. These new arising stars all have their unique character..
28 Sep Beauty Philosophy Behind the Korean Cosmetics - Classic Brands
Shafi 1 4534
  Korea is known, not only for its history, culture, technology and sites, but also for its cosmetic brands. In fact, these brands are now making waves in the mainstream market and people are getting..
11 Aug How to Apply Bronzer
Kathy Park 2 3848
 First things first, before we teach you how to properly apply bronzer, we have to define first what is a bronzer and what does it do on our makeup. For those who are beginners in makeup, this is prob..
30 Jun 10 Best Korean Makeup Products for Natural Nude Make up Effect
Shafi 0 7320
Admit it or not, there are times when we want to look as if we are not wearing any makeup on.  A natural nude makeup is perfect for an everyday look most especially for people who are just starting wi..
16 May 10 Best Sellers of the Korean Cosmetics You Must Have
Kathy Park 2 4679
  When it comes to taking care of your skin, you have to be very choosy about what you buy, considering the wide range of products in the market. However, time and again, Korean cosmetics have be..
03 May What are the Best Korean Beauty Products for Clogged Pores?
Kathy Park 4 8592
Our skin normally contains openings where in sebum or oil coming from the sebaceous glands comes out. These opening can possibly be clogged because of excess secretion of sebum or can be mixed with de..
14 Apr 8 Must Know Korean Beauty Tips For Smooth Skin
0 3939
  For people who have smooth skin, they might look beautiful, but a person who is struggling to achieve smooth skin, and are shuffling through a lot of skin care tips might know how tough it is to ha..
09 Mar Korean Beauty Tips: Are you Cleansing Your Face Properly?
Kathy Park 1 4643
Cleansing is essential in our daily skincare routine. It is as important as drinking water everyday to keep our body healthy and away from toxins, the same way goes for cleansing our face. Sometimes, ..
03 Mar How to Shape Eyebrows According to Face Shape
3 11651
One-size-fits-all may be possible for some things, but eyebrow shapes is definitely not one of them. Just typing in "how to shape eyebrows" has a plethora of results. People are aware of how their eye..
01 Mar 7 Insanely Cute Korean Beauty Products to Try
Kathy Park 0 5982
You gotta hand it to Korean cosmetics for having high quality beauty products. But quality does not have to equate to serious-looking packaging. They can even be mistaken as toys! Here are some of the..
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