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13 Sep Estée Lauder Acquires DECIEM | the Ordinary
Murad 0 3794
In a strategic move that has sent ripples through the beauty industry, In June 2017, Estée Lauder Companies Inc. (NYSE: EL) made a surprising move by acquiring the Canadian beauty company  DECIEM, the..
17 Jan The Chemistry Brand By DECIEM Available For Wholesale
1 1492
Although DECIEM is not a Korean company yet we supply this brand due to overwhelming demand and requests by our customers worldwide. Please do note that DECIEM is very strict on wholesale distribution..
02 Mar The Ordinary 產品包裝變更
Kathy Park 2 2000
The Ordinary, 加拿大DECIEM的產品是我們最暢銷的批發品牌。 可能我們是唯一可以在韓國批發該品牌化妝品的供應商。 作為 韓國化妝品批發供應商, 我們從韓國發貨包括The Ordinary在內的所有商品,並從韓國DEICEM官方分銷商處購買The Ordinary產品。 我們向您保證,所有這些產品都是DECIEM公司的原裝正品。 在過去的6年中,我們一直..
02 Mar The Ordinary Change In Products Packaging
Kathy Park 0 8952
The Ordinary, by DECIEM  Canada, is our top selling brand for wholesale. Probably we are the only cosmetics supplier which can supply this brand at wholesale in Korea. Being a Korean cosmetics wholesa..
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