Oh no! Have you been with your panda like eye bags since forever? Many of us struggle with bags under eyes. Eye bags or should I say dark under eye bags, admit it or not, it is one of the most annoying thing that most of us hates. These eye bags makes us always look tired and ill. What are the factors that contribute to the darkening and growth of bags under eyes? Or maybe get some tips on how to avoid it?




What Causes Bags Under Eyes?


If you want to get rid of the bags under eyes, you need to understand what are the causes of this problem so that you can avoid it. We have listed some of the causes of bags under eyes that you can relate on or somehow, unconsciously affects you.




Lack of Sleep/Stress Definitely Cause Bags Under Eyes






We all have those days we are so overwhelmed with so many things, from school or work. We seldom give ourselves enough sleep. Because of that, our skin suffers too, our under eye bags can look puffy and dark.




Bags Under Eyes Can Be Due to Lack of Water Intake







Not drinking water regularly will affect your under eye circles. Water retention may take place if there is a high salt concentration in your body. Sometimes, you will notice that you woke up with a puffy under eye bags. The reason behind that is because you are eating too much salty foods or crying too excessively. Thus, the water is being withdrawn on to your body particularly in your skin near the eyes causing you to have eye bags.




Alcohol and Caffeine Create Eyes Bags







Having a bad eating habit does not only affect your body but it also affects your skin. Drinking too much alcohol and caffeine can dehydrate your skin, and make your dark under eye circles more noticeable.




Regularly Rubbing Eyes Grows Bags Under Eyes







For some people who have allergic rhinitis, sinus infection is a whole bunch of trouble. There will be always a situation where your eyes are so itchy because of your rhinitis accompanied by the sinus infection. You couldn’t stop on rubbing your eyes; little did you know that by rubbing your eyes, it will make the bags in your eyes and make it darker because the skin around the eyes is very thin and sensitive. Rubbing the skin around the under eye area can cause your skin to be damaged resulting into bags under eyes, and appearance of wrinkles.



How to Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes?




Improve Bags Under Eyes: Sleep More!


We definitely need a decent amount of sleep! Give yourself 7-8hours of sleeping time, and you’re good to go. Your bags under eye will definitely improve.




Treat Your Bags Under Eyes By Drinking More Water



Fill your body with 8 glasses of water or more everyday! This is the easiest way to treat your dark or huge bags under eyes. There is a less chance of water retention if you will stay hydrated. It will not only make your body healthy but it will also bring an ultimate glow to your skin. Beware not to drink much water before your bed time, this will cause more serious for bags under eyes.




Avoiding Alcohol and Salty Food Could Relief Bags Under Eyes



Live healthy! Eat more vegetables, fruits and exercise regularly. Remember to avoid alcohol and salty food as much as possible, so you can prevent the tendency of water retention around eyes areas and caused bags under eyes, and some other diseases caused by alcohol and salty foods.



Use of Appropriate Eye Cream Could Lessen Bags Under Eyes







Due to aging, our skin start losing collagen everyday and it happens to our delicate eyes area and easily cause saggy eyes.  Invest in effective eye cream that specially made for anti-aging, firming can increase skin elasticity and lessen bags under eyes. Gently massage your eyes when applying with eye cream can improve the circulation and make a difference apparently if you do it in the right and consistent way. However beware of incorrect massage on the eye bags, as it will make it worse. An easy tip is to massage the bones around the eyes and it is proven to be quite effective in lessen bags under eyes especially if your eye bags are due to lack of sleep.  




Natural Remedy For Bags Under Eyes: Cucumber







Chilled cucumber is a good remedy for dark circle eyes and bags under eyes. Cucumber is known for having some enzymes and properties that lessens the puffiness and dark circles in the eyes.



Quick Fix to Lessen Bags Under Eyes by Ice Pack


Wrap some ice in a handkerchief and place it gently onto your eye skin area. It will soothe your under eye bags and will also lessen the appearance of dark circles instantly. This is especially effective when you have bags under eyes or puffy eyes if you have cried the night before and it will immediately release the puffiness of your eyes.




Tea Bags Can Relax Bags Under Eyes






Tea bags contain anti-irritant properties that can lessen the swelling of the skin around the eyes. They also soothe and relax the puffy eyes!




Use Concealer to Hide the Bags Under Eyes






Probably if you feel like you have the darkest and puffiness under eye bags ever, and you want to cover it immediately, then concealer is the answer. Pick the right concealer for you’re under eye skin; choose a product that will not make your skin look cakey.



Korean Eye Creams, The Best Treatment For Bags Under Eyes



There are many different types of eye creams that serve different purpose. Some are specially designed for moisturizing, some for wrinkles, some for dark circle eyes and however you need an eye cream that is designed for firming, anti-aging and collagen enhancement. Here are a few Korean beauty products that specially made to take care of the eye area problems that you can try on.




Hera Collagen Eye-up Cream





As we approach our twenties, wrinkles are starting to show up. Our under eye bags are starting to be so bulky and dark. It is very important to take care of our skin near our eyes, so that you can prevent and lessen the appearance of unwanted spots and dark circles.


Collagen Eye-up Cream from HERA is specially made to provide an intensive care to the skin that is lacking nutrients and ages as we get older. It is formulated with 47% of Collagen, it increases the elasticity and firmness of the skin so that the skin can have a more youthful look.



Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye Cream




Because dark under eye circles, wrinkles and spots can make us look older and stressed, this luxury eye cream from Sulwhasoo will help you to have a restored under eye skin! It is a multi-functional eye cream helps in preventing and removing the appearance of line, wrinkles, dark circle and puffiness.


Sulwhasoo Rejuvenating Eye Cream is also one of the best Korean beauty products that contains precious ginseng ingredients that can be a good reason in choosing it, because it is a lot better than choosing a product that is full of harmful chemicals that can damage the skin and also worsen your under eye skin problems.




Its Skin Prestige Yeux Ginseng Descargot







Ginseng has a lot of benefits on to the skin; like it can brighten the dark under eye circles, improve the skin complexion and it also contains anti-aging properties that are beneficial to women that are in the battle against wrinkles and bags under eyes.



The Its Skin Yeux Ginseng Descargot is a great Korean skincare product that enhances the elasticity to the saggy skin under the eyes and reduces the puffiness of bags under eyes. It also aims to help the skin around the eyes to maintain its healthy state, to remain vibrant and youthful looking and also lessens the appearance of wrinkles and brightens under eye area.



Now that you know the causes and some tips on how to get rid of bags under eyes and how to lessen the appearance of dark and puffiness eye bags, you do not need to worry anymore because you are now ready to face the battle against bags under eyes!




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