Korea is known as one of the pioneers in cosmetics and skincare products. Every now and then Korea has been trending internationally for the products that they produce that gives a new glimpse of innovation to the consumers. Everyone has been raving about Korean makeup and Korean beauty secrets because of its effectiveness to the skin and most especially the thing that girls like the most: packaging. Nowadays there have been a lot of Korean makeup brands that is so new to the eyes of the consumer. Hundreds of new brands are appearing with different promises and vision to be the best Korean beauty brands. But some new Korean makeup brands have already established a strong foundation to the market because of their remarkable products.

In this article you’ll be able to know some of the new Korean makeup brands that became the prominent Korean beauty brands as of 2015.




Too Cool For School - Cool Collection of Korean Makeup Products






Too Cool For School is one of the rising Korean beauty brands in Korea. Launched in 2009 but they had already leaved a remarkable impression to the consumers. They have collaborated with different personalities that made their product more creative and artistic. This Korean makeup brand offers a cool icon to customers; they carry products with adorable school and girly themed packaging good for teens and also for ladies! Perfect for girls in the age range of 16-30. You will be astounded by the creativity of their products because they offer new ideas and Korean makeup beauty tips by just using their product.


Too Cool For School indeed has a cool collection of Korean makeup products such as the Dinoplatz UFO Multi Box, the After School BB Foundation Lunch Box, Dinoplatz Cinema City Multi CC, Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion and Play Cheek Angel Blusher. Here are some of Too Cool For School’s best products that worth for try out! These products are known to be the best seller or the signature products because of their effectiveness and how they use to become so innovative and new to the eyes of the customers.



After School BB Foundation Lunch Box




Play Cheek Angel Blusher






Art Class By Rodin






Dinoplatz Pearl Bay Invasion






Dinoplatz UFO Multi Box

The Saem -  Great Sets of Eco Friendly Korean Skin Care Products






For people who are fond of natural or eco friendly Korean makeup, The Saem is one of the Korean beauty brands that are known to be a great environmental friendly brand. The Saem was launched in 2010 and the brand name came from the word Saem which means ‘The Spring Water of Beauty’. The Saem presents a wide range of high quality and affordable environmental friendly themed or natural cosmetic and skincare products with different functions and effect that will not just help you to have a perfect Korean makeup look but it also helps to take care of your skin.


The Saem is known as one of the Korean beauty brands that carry great sets of eco friendly skincare products and are greatly sold around Asia. They don’t just excel in terms of their skincare products but they also have a vast scope of Korean makeup products like lip tints, lipsticks, concealers, BB Creams, and CC Creams. Another product that became first popular in The Saem on their first launch is the O2 Bubble Mask that everyone must try out. Take note of these products because these are some of the products that make The Saem known to beauty junkies and even regular customers.




Cover Perfection Tip Concealer






Chocopie Hand Cream Cookies and Cream





Saemmul Wrapping Tint





Urban Eco Harakeke Fresh Cream







VDL - Korean Makeup Brand Empower Women of Their Dreams and Self Confidence


VDL is one of the professional Korean beauty brands that leave an outstanding impression in the cosmetic market. VDL gives consumers a touch of luxury on their products. They came up with different innovative products and at the same time mixed with uniqueness and elegance. They are known for their famous products that came upon with the interactions on the world-renowned makeup artists, celebrities and fashion designers.








This brand always seeks to produce products that are inspired by the current trends and that will empower women of their dreams and self confidence. VDL have great primers, base makeup, BB Creams, and lip products. Some of their signature products that people rant about are the Beauty Metal Cushion, Perfecting Last Foundation, and Tint Bar Milk Shot. They also have a great collaboration with Pantone consisting of a great collection range that made makeup enthusiasts rave about it. We listed some of the Korean beauty makeup and skincare products that you must try out because they are considered as popular in VDL.



Tint Bar Triple Shot






Tint Bar Milk Shot






Beauty Moisturizer







Perfecting Last Foundation






Beauty Metal Cushion







Shara Shara - Distinct Korean Makeup brand with Fruit and Natural Themed Products


Shara Shara is one of the newest brands in the Korean cosmetic industry and is being increasingly known as one of the rising Korean makeup brands. This Korean brand markets products in different varieties. A distinct mark of this Korean beauty brand is their ever adorable girly and kid like packaging that will make every beauty junkie squeal.







Shara Shara Korea has a wide range of fruit and natural themed products that is perfect for all skin types. As of now they are mostly known for having great skincare products such as their cleansers, face masks, ampoules, hand cream and moisturizers. They also have a great variety of Korean makeup products that is proven to give an excellent result on to the skin, products such as BB Creams, highlighters, eye shadows and lip products.Here are some of the products that you must not miss to try out in Shara Shara.




Real Sauce Strawberry Mask






Aurora Liquid Highlighter





Triple Shine Color Shadow





Honey Bomb All In One Ampoule







Holika Holika - Give Consumer a Fun Filled Makeup and Skincare Experience


You have probably heard about this Korean makeup brand. Holika Holika is a well recognized Korean makeup brand that aims to give customers a fun filled makeup and skincare experience by using their products. Holika Holika is owned by ENPRANI and was established in 2010. Their brand name came up with the Korean word "Holida" which means temptation to the brands mixed with English suffix Holic. They came up with cute and young concept that suits both female and male.







Holika Holika aims to provide high quality product skincare products at affordable price, they don’t just catch consumers’ eyes but they also help the skin to achieve a great result. Holika Holika also created inventive products such as the first ever BB Roller in the Market, the Face 2 Change Roller BB, and one of the Best Korean Makeup product, the Aqua Petit Jelly BB that is not just popular in Asia but also in other parts of the world. On to the skincare area, some of the popular products are their blackhead remover kits, cleansers, cleansing oils, and toner. These are just some of their signature products that became notable to the customers around the world. Here are some of their best sellers that customers love and keeps on buying.




Wonder Drawing 24HR Auto Eyebrow






Aqua Petit Jelly BB







Face 2 Change Roller BB







Skin & Good Cera Super Cream







Banila Co. - Excellent in Korean Base Makeup


Banila Co. is one of the fastest growing Korean makeup brand and they are popularly known for their range of base makeup products that caters to woman aging 20-30 years old. Established in 2005, and it has over 80 stores in Korea and also in China. Banila Co. maintains to be the No. 1 Contemporary Korean makeup brand and also establishes a global market that represents Korean beauty. Their products are not just liked by woman aging 20 and up but it is also being appreciated by young stylish women across the Asia.








Banila Co. is not just excellent in producing outstanding ranges of base makeup but they are also known for their CC Cream, Oil Cleanser, and Primer. Clean It Zero, It Radiant Brightening CC Cream and Prime Primer Classic are ranked as the best Korean makeup products in Banila Co. This brand continues to conquer not just the Asian countries, but Banila Co. has already started to become popular in the other parts of the world.


If you will try products from Banila Co. for the first time, then we want to suggest you some of the products that you should try out because you will definitely have no regrets on these.




Prime Primer Classic







Clean It Zero






It Radiant Brightening CC Cream







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