Generally, for Korean ladies, cosmetics was not just about getting to be more beautiful, also treating one's body appropriately and developing both inward and outer beauty. Displayed here is a short history of Korean ladies' skincare and beauty care products. Take in the mystery of their faultless skin and attempt a couple of their tips this year 2015 to keep your skin healthy and beautiful. 









Back to the old days, Korean ladies made their own skincare products including everything from scrubs, moisturizers, creams, and oils. Ground mung beans were made into cleanser by mixing the powder with water and creams were produced using the juice of plants. Traditionally and also as today, vitamin E was esteemed for its moisturizing properties and ladies applied oils, for example, Safflower oil, which was plenteous in vitamin E, to their skin. 
Beauty care products 


In the course of Joseon administration, Confucianism had a huge impact on ladies' beauty routines. A clean and delicate soft face was viewed as lovely because of Confucianism's accentuation on thrift and humility and also on inner beauty instead of outer beauty. Usually, ladies from relatively well up families wore lighter cosmetics, concentrating on having a smooth, clear and sound looking eyes lips and face. For unique occasions, for example, weddings and feasts, they didn't stray a long way from their common natural appearance. Then again, gisaeng -female performers of the imperial court and court women wore much showier cosmetics that set all the most recent beauty trends. 


Korean ladies considered eyebrows are one of their most beauty spot and they utilize eyebrow ink and choose a style that will enhance their face shape. In the Koryo era, especially using ginseng, it was normal to draw thin, unique eyebrows and applying powder to make their face pale and white. 



Traditional Tools Used to Make Cosmetics


Traditionally, Korean cosmetics were made by hand with common natural ingredients. Since the advanced preservatives were not accessible, they just made cosmetics in little amounts and stored them in little compartments. In the Three Kingdoms period, bottles for holding makeup and creams were made of ceramic. In the Koryo administration, vessels were produced using celadon and also in the Joseon tradition, white and blue porcelain were utilized. 






A wooden mirror box that contained cosmetics was additionally imperative in the cosmetics standard, notwithstanding assorted instruments, for example, brushes for blending and applying the colorful powders, eyebrow ink, and rouge that ladies wore. 






Uniqueness of Korean cosmetics 


Korean beauty care products are keen in the utilization of ingredients. Most Korean brands have a tendency to try for more natural ingredients that will be of values to everybody's skin. They have culminated that natural characteristic, 'no-cosmetics' make-up style which makes you seem as though you're not wearing anything. The 'scarcely there' cosmetics gives the dream that your skin is great. Korean make-up products are extremely unique and are presented or associated with some beauty trend terminologies like dewy look, baby face and no-cosmetics look. Key point to Korean cosmetics is to demonstrate a natural characteristic, young, brilliant and dewy sparkling skin. 








Korean Craze Makeup Brands 


BB creams, masks, eye medications, wrinkle medicines, cleaning agents, lotions, moisturizers and serums are just a couple of the magnificent products that are in Korean brands. 


Since 1985 Etude House has been making fantastic skincare and cosmetic at a small amount of the expense you would hope to pay them. Charming, trendy, and with an attention on the young generation, Etude House has blast onto the cosmetic scene and climb to the highest point of the cosmetic world. 


According to Nature Republic, beauty comes from nature and use of natural products. Thus the logic behind the Nature Republic is to create products as per natural laws of beauty found in our natural surroundings. By finding beauty and healthy skin secrets in natural living over the globe, Nature Republic catches the very heart of natural beauty in every single of their products. From body, hair, healthy skin - each drop of the product was particularly formulated to enhance your natural beauty. 


Since 1967, Skin Food, the Korean cosmetics maker has kept on supplying quality skincare products to the individual cares of their skin in Asia and all around the globe. By concentrating on natural ingredients and utilizing tried and tested formulas and recipe, Skin Food has turned into a significant player in the skincare business drawing adherents from all walks of life. Skin Food's focuses mix of plants, herbs, and fruits has persuaded everybody who has used their products. 


Laneige is Korea's signature cosmetics brand and a standout amongst the most internationally and universally honored and recognized widely. With their well-known Water line and famous sleeping packs, there is not a viable replacement for the Laneige guarantee to your skin. Clean and modern beauty with an emphasis on keeping up youth and vitality inside and all through your skin is Laneige's philosophy - as pure as its namesake. 







Begun in early 2003, Missha has rocketed onto the makeup scene and turn into a brand synonymous with quality. A long-time of testing and trials have yielded a portion of the best makeup anyplace on the planet. Yet constantly concerned about the consumer, Missha has abandoned conspicuous bundling or packaging and advertising battles and caters consumer by delivering best quality items without the hefty price tag you'd anticipate from comparative brands. Missha's logic is that everybody ought to find the opportunity to be beautiful and Missha will be there to assist. 


Tony Moly, maybe a standout amongst the most chic and up-to-date of cosmetics brands out there keeps on giving top quality magnificence products that work wonders for your skin and your wallet. Like other Korean brands, Tony Moly has put an accentuation on organic and natural ingredients and keeps up a solid ecological conscience. With every new and energizing product, Tony Moly demonstrates over and over on the natural side of beauty care products without scarifying the scarifying the quality. 


Innisfree is one of the top beauty lines in South Korea, begun just 11 years ago, Innisfree makeup have taken Korea and the world by storm, they have more than 200 stores internationally by concentrating on natural beauty care products that are as useful for nature as they are for your skin. They offer an extensive variety of regular healthy skin items from facial veils to creams and lotions all at a reasonable cost.


The Face Shop's brand has dependably been delivering the best healthy skin through the utilization of natural ingredients possible. More than 30 years, its fame has spread like bushfire and both ladies and men alike have run to The Face Shop healthy skin products. The Face Shop's products exploit botanical extracts assembled from all corners of the globe to present to you a portion of the best healthy skin lines available in the market. 




Korean Unique Ingredients



1. Snail Essence 


The thought of putting snail ooze all over the face may not be the most interesting however the snail essence trend has as of now turned into a standout amongst the most well-known skincare ingredients in Korean skincare products. Snail sludge products have proved to be good in scar lightening, wound healing, skin- renewing, and wrinkle remover. As indicated by dermatologist Macrene Alexiades- Armenakas, "Snail mucin concentrate is a complex mix of proteins, glycolic acids and elastin."






The ooze of the snail is the reason behind why snails have the capacity to move over sharp rocks and twigs. The mucin naturally offers protection to the snail's body while recuperating the cuts at a speedier rate. 
Example of this snail essence or solution product includes NATURE REPUBLIC Snail Solution 70 Essence (40ml), MISSHA Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Cream (47ml), NATURE REPUBLIC Snail CC Brightening Cream (SPF30 PA++) (35ml), and TONY MOLY Intense Care Snail BB Cream (50ml).




2. Green Tea 


Not just is green tea totally  flavorful, it likewise works wonders for your skin as gorgeous makeup. If you require that additional burst of water on your skin, try looking for products with green tea extract as green tea gives moisture to your skin; it is also the characteristics of green tea as cancer prevention agent, which gives additional vitamins to your skin. These cancer prevention agents act and provide vitamins to the skin. These antioxidants work as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. Therefore, when you have troubled skin, green tea is a natural and gentle way to reduce inflammation while also providing moisture to your skin. 


Example of the green tea products includes INNISFREE Capsule Recipe Pack Green Tea (10ml*3ea), NATURE REPUBLIC Botanical green Tea Fresh BB Cream (SPF30PA++) (30ml), INNISFREE Green Tea Pure Cleansing Foam (150ml).



3. Matured Fermented Soy Bean


Matured Fermented Soy Bean is one of the best items in healthy skin products when searching anti-aging products. The fermentation of the item implies that the product really has Soycol-G inside the product which is a versatile complex collagen activator that fortifies the flexibility of the skin. The Fermented Soy Bean contains bunches of collagens which assists in removing wrinkles. 


Example of products made of soy bean includes INNISFREE Soybean Energy Essence Light (150mL), INNISFREE Soybean Firming Cream (50ml), and INNISFREE Soybean Firming Neck Cream (80ml).




4. Ginseng 


In Korea, ginseng is a standout amongst the most famous herbal roots that many individuals use in both cooking and skincare. This is on account of ginseng has an element complex that helps support the skin's appearance making one seem more young. Not just does ginseng provide for anti-aging advantage additionally has mitigating impacts particularly for dull spots on skin. As a rule, ginseng whitens the skin while additionally giving numerous vitamins and cancer prevention agents for anti-aging benefits.Examples of ginseng products are THE FACE SHOP Living Nature Mask Red Ginseng.



5. Avocado 


Avocados contain numerous great common natural fats and oils, hence they secure in the dampness on your skin. On the off chance that you experience the ill effects of having dry fixes on your skin, its best to prescribe products with Avocado oil in them as they will saturate your skin instantly. Avocado oil can likewise be utilized on your nails or even in your hair particularly when you need to treat those split ends! Example of products with Avocado include SKINFOOD Avocado Lip Balm (12g) – Korean Cosmetics.








6. Tomato 


Tomatoes stuffed with vitamins that do marvelous for the skin and are additionally loaded with moisture. Tomatoes are likewise awesome for oil control as they can undoubtedly be made into astringents. On the other hand, tomatoes however are most extraordinary for their lighting up effect. Since the tomato concentrate is light on the skin, it ingests into the skin immediately while brightening up the dim spots all over the face. Example for product with tomato ingredients is TONY MOLY Tomatox Magic White Massage Pack (80g).






Korean cosmetics and beauty products are now globally recognized. Many celebrities continuously use these products to enhance their image, look, skin texture, clear wrinkles and fine lines. At, an established online store offering quality, authentic and popular Korean cosmetics and skincare products at cost-effective prices, you can find all these amazing Korean cosmetics in one-stop. They ship globally with a 30-day 100% money-back guarantee. offer various Korean best beauty brands that are making a splash in beauty online shopping, brands like Etude House, Laneige, Missha, The Face Shop, The Skin Food, Tony Moly or Sulwhasoo (among many, many more); Good variety of product choices ranging from BB and CC Creams to snail creams and serums, sleeping masks, and numerous products; the buzz is that Korean products aren’t just different, but better. 




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