BB Lab White Up Capsule, a popular Nutrition product from Korea for Skin Whitening is now available for wholesale at Q-depot.  BB Lab Plus is manufactured and distributed by a famous Korean Nutrition company called  Nutrione Life. Nutrione Life claims to be Korea's No.1 nutrition company. In order to check the wholesale price or order, please visit the wholesale page

Nutrione Life is quite popular in Korea and overseas. Currently, they are operating in the US, EU, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Indonesia. For almost all of the above countries, we handle customs and make door-to-door delivery. Actor Jung Woo-sung was selected as an exclusive model for Nutrione Life which further increased the brand's popularity. 




At the moment, we offer only one hot product BB White Up Plus Capsule from this brand, but in the future, we will add on more of their products based on customers' interest. If you want any other products from Nutrione Life, please contact us, and we will try to source it for you. We are handling over 200+ Korean cosmetics brands and more and more brands and products are added to our portfolio.  If you are looking for any brand, which you could not find on our website, contact us and let us find it for you.