We are happy to inform you that MOQ and box quantity has been reduced for Mizon, a popular Korean Cosmetics Brand. Now you can buy Mizon with a small order of $500 / KRW 540,000 and box quantity has been reduced from over 100 PCs (for some products) to just 5 pcs each product.


Many customers have been asking for low MOQ and box quantity always but due to restriction from Mizon head office, we could not comply. Recently, we successfully negotiated with them for small MOQ and box quantity. Do note that the box quantity remains the same, but they will be happy to supply us less than box quantity and  we must get at least 5 PCs of each SKU.


Q-depot, always find new ways to make Korean Cosmetics Wholesale as easy as possible. We are proud to offer the best prices with the best customer support and we will continue to support our customers/ partners in the future. If you have any feedback or comments, you may contact us anytime.