Elishacoy is now available for wholesale here in Q-depot! Have you heard about the Korean skincare brand Elishacoy? Or maybe you’ve heard about it before but you’re quite unfamiliar of which products to try?

Elishacoy is probably one of the underrated beauty brands in Korea but not internationally! They had already established their name in other countries especially in Europe and the US. What may be the reason behind the international demand of Elishacoy? Are you curious about their product? Q-depot, your certified Elishacoy wholesale supplier will let you know more about this brand!


What is Elishacoy?

Elishacoy is a European styled refined and aesthetic brand that boasts of its essence of botanical healing. The brand name Elishacoy came from the Word Elisha which means ‘God is my salvation’ (in Hebrew) and C.O.Y means Creation of Youth which means to My Savior who creates my beautiful youth. Such a beautiful name isn’t it?


EcoCert Certified 

Elishacoy’s products are all organic as it is created of natural botanical ingredients made of herb extracts and traditional oriental medicine. Elishacoy has been certified by the French organic certification EcoCert which proves its organic authenticity. This is great news for people who are having a hard time looking for an organic or plant-based type of skincare brand as Elishacoy is probably one of the good choices that people can consider. 


The Rising Popularity of Elisha Coy

Elisha Coy’s popularity started since 2004 in Asia countries such as Japan, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Mongolia, Indonesia, and Bangladesh. Eventually, they also started to establish their brand in the US and expanded their brand worldwide in more than 15 countries with more than 2000 stores and counting.


Recently, it’s amazing how Elishacoy is earning a lot of popularity in countries around Europe and the Middle East specifically Romania, Russia, United Kingdom, Kuwait, Dubai, and UAE. Their products became more popular in these countries as they received a lot of positive reviews and raves from consumers because of these reasons; firstly their products are all-natural and organic, second is that they come up with innovative products that are likely effective to all skin types. Thus, resulting from people from the said countries getting more interested in reselling Elishacoy products and some have established their online stores and started to import Elishacoy in their countries like Romania and Russia. It is important to find a reliable Elishacoy Korean wholesale supplier most especially if you are planning out to import Elishacoy products to your country. Q-depot is a well known Korean cosmetic wholesale supplier that you can rely on when looking for an Elishacoy wholesale supplier.

Best Selling Products

If you’re curious about which products are the must-try and best sellers in Elisha Coy, we have listed out some of the recommended products from this organic skincare brand for you to check out!


Premium Gold Collagen Cream 

The Premium Collagen Cream has been popular for people who have dry and dull skin. The combination of collagen and royal jelly in this product gives intense moisture, elasticity, and brightening properties to the skin.


Elishacoy collagen cream




Tetra Force Cream

Known for its calming and healing properties, the Tetraforce Cream is one of the best selling products in Elisha Coy. Centella Asiatica and Tea Tree Extract is one of the key ingredients of Tetraforce Cream as it calms the acne-prone and irritated skin, at the time it regains the skin’s smooth texture again.


Elishacoy Titra Force Cream Wholesale



Hydro Save Plan Cream 

The Hydro Save Plan Cream is a moisturizing product recommended for people who have extremely dry skin conditions. Filled with rich vitamins and oils like Vitamin 5, Provitamin B5, Jojoba Oil, and Argan Oil that helps skin to recover from extreme moisture loss and hydrates the skin thoroughly.


Elishacoy Wholesale


O.R Day Shield Sun Gel

This is a perfect daily sunscreen that gives a lightweight and non-sticky feeling when applied. The O.R Day Shield Sun Gel is composed of natural ingredients good for the skin such as eucalyptus, lavender, collagen, and Vitamin C that helps the skin maintain its healthy state, at the same time protecting the skin from harmful UV rays.


Elishacoy Wholesale Supplier




Soonsoo Cream Mist

The Soonsoo Cream Mist is a moisturizing facial mist that provides deep moisture and vitality to the skin. Enriched with amino acids and milk protein, this mist is known to keep the skin moisturized and fresh all day with just one spray!


Elishacoy wholesale q-depot




Infinity Cover Cushion

An all-in-one cushion that does not just provide great coverage and long-lasting effect, but also nourishes the skin with tons of nutrients Enriched with healthy extracts such as hibiscus flower, wine, raspberry, and tomato extract that helps the skin retain its elasticity, youthful glow, and moisture. The Infinity Cover Cushion covers unwanted blemishes, enlarged pores, brightens up the dull skin tone gives a nice glowing finish to the skin.




Elisha coy wholesale



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