There is no right way or wrong way to wear your makeup. You chose what to wear and how to wear it based on the look you are trying to achieve. However there are some ways that are easier to apply makeup than others and this how to will give you step-by-step instructions on how to apply your make up so you can have that Korean look you desire. 


As with everything else in life it is important to do things in the right order. In this case the proper order is to start with a clean face. A clean face ensures that you do not have extra oil or dirt on your face. 



Step 1 Apply Premier/Base






For those of you who don’t know, a base or primer is put on before foundation. It is usually clear but sometimes it has a light tint to it. It is used to smooth out lines and wrinkles and to make pimples and blemishes less noticeable. If you have oily skin it helps to reduce it and get rid of the shine which means that you need less foundation.


You want to put a thin layer on your face and remember the motto “less is more.” 

  1. With your middle finger, or whichever finger you prefer, put a glob of premier.
  2. Dot your face with the glob, in the middle of your forehead, one above the middle of each eyebrow, one on the end of your nose, the middle of your chin, one in below each eye, and right in the middle of each cheek.
  3. In a circular motion massage the base into your skin making sure that you hit every part of your face including the sides of the nose. Do NOT put it on or near your eyes. 
  4. Add more if needed to get an even thin coat on your whole face. 



Step 2 Apply BB Cream/Foundation






Foundation can be a liquid or a powder and both have their advantages. 



Powder foundation


Powder foundation is better for those with oily skin; it doesn’t clog pores, and is very light.  It is less likely to settle in your wrinkles and like the base can absorb oil. Talc based powders should be avoided because it gives the skill a dull look.


Liquid foundation is good for those with normal and dry skins. They fill in lines and wrinkles and pores and can retain moisture in the skin. Foundations with dimethicone or silicone make the skin look smooth. Other oils can clog pores and make the foundation feel heavy on your face. 



Powder Foundation Steps




  1. Pick a color that matches your skin tone or if your base had a tint make sure it matches that.  
  2. Apply a very small amount to the end of a foundation brush and lightly brush on your face, starting from the front and sweeping to the back toward the ear. 
  3. Go down the nose starting from the forehead. Across the nose and cheekbones, down your chin and around your lower jaw.
  4. Close your eyes and brush lightly over your eyes. Do NOT open your eyes while you do this.  
  5. Once you have applied a thin layer of foundation to your face use a smaller brush with a very small amount of powder and cover imperfections, pimples, and dark circles under the eyes. 
  6. Take your big foundation brush, this time with NO foundation and quickly, yet lightly brush your face all over to even it all out. 



Liquid Foundation/ BB Cream / CC Cream Steps





  1. Pick a color that matches your skin tone. 
  2. Squeeze a small amount on a finger. Dot your face in the same way you do with the base. 
  3. Rub your face with the tips of your fingers spreading the foundation from the front of your face back toward your ears. Make sure that the foundation is even on your face. Add more if needed. Don’t forget the sides of your nose and your jaw line. 
  4. Put a small dot on your finger. Dot your blemishes, pimples, and dark circles under your eyes. Smooth is out till it matches the rest of your foundation. 
  5. Banila Co Cover 10 Perfect Foundation (SPF30 PA++) is a great choice.



Step 3 Eyebrows






There are many different ways that the eyebrows can set off your look. If the eyes are the “windows to the soul” then your eyebrows frame your eyes and can say so much based on their shape.  

There are many different things you can do with your eyebrows. You can pluck. While this saves you money it doesn’t necessarily save you time as constant maintenance is required. I recommend getting a professional wax so that you can be sure your shape is flawless and then maintain with plucking or waxing every 3 weeks as needed. Threading also works in place of plucking. 


For this how-to I am going to tell you how to darken your eyebrow so that no matter what your shape it will be sure to pop. 


  1. Make sure that you have the right shape for the look you are trying to achieve. So pluck, wax, or thread as needed.  
  2. Take a small brush and gently put the powder over the brow to smooth out hard lines and to darken the light hairs. It also gives it a fuller look. 
  3. Add as much as you need to give it the desired color you are looking for. 







Step 4 Eyeliner


It is very easy to ruin a flawless face with the wrong kind of eye shadow or the wrong color. While a smoky eye can be nice for a night on the town or a romantic evening it is way over the top for work or a trip to the grocery store.


The right color doesn’t have to match the outfit you are wearing. As a matter of fact it is better if it complements your eye color. While you outfit may change your eyes never do. However in this how-to we are going to skip eye shadow all together. Instead we are going to use the “I am not wearing makeup” look and start that off with eyeliner. 



Liquid Eyeliner


While this takes a practiced hand it is achievable with perseverance. When choosing an eyeliner try to find one that won’t clump.   

  1. Starting in the corner of the eye, place the eyeliner on your bottom lid where your eyelashes are. Go slowly and try not to poke yourself in the eye.  
  2. Unlike the eyeliner pencil, which we will cover next, you want to use quick yet small strokes. Almost like you are painting. Quick strokes ensure an even line and help to keep the line straight. Crazy I know. This may take several tries if you are not used to it. For a thicker line either make another line up against the first or if you have a marker tip eyeliner use the side of it to give you that thicker line. Banila Co. Slick Expression Dual Marker Liner by Korean Cosmetics has both a thin and a thick option. 
  3. Keep going till the line has reached the end of your eyelashes on the other side of your eye. 
  4. Repeat steps 3-4 on the other eye. Alternately you could use a thin line of eye shadow applied with a thin brush sweeping from the corner to the middle of the bottom lid. 
  5. Alternatively you could put the eyeliner on your water line which is the bottom rim. While this is tricky, as your eye tends to water, this is achievable and a less likely you will mess it up. 
  6. For the top lid place your eyeliner on the corner of your eye as close to the bottom of the lid as possible. 
  7. Using quick short strokes bring the eyeliner to the other side of your eye. Do not go past the end of your eyelashes. Be careful not to poke yourself in the eye and keep the eyeliner as close to the bottom of your eye as possible. Sometimes a second line in one quick, long stroke can fix any mistakes. 
  8. Repeat steps 6-7 on the other eye. 



Korean makeup -eyeliner




Pencil Eyeliner 





While this can take you a little longer it is the easiest method I know. 

  1. Make sure you pick the right color and choose a soft pencil instead of one that looks like a pencil you would write with.  
  2. Sharpen your pencil if you need too. If it becomes difficult to use you can melt it a little with a lighter or match for an easier time. Do not melt too much and let cool a minute before applying or you will scald your lid. 
  3. Starting in the lower bottom corner of your eye you can either place it on the water line (again watch out for your eye watering) or put the eyeliner on the bottom lid where your eyelashes are. 
  4. Using short, slow strokes move out from the corner to the other side of your eye.
  5. Repeat steps 2-3 for the other eye. 
  6. Starting in the top inner corner of your upper lid move the pencil in short, slow strokes across the eye. The slower your strokes the straighter your line will be. 
  7. Repeat step 6 for other eye. 



Step 5 Mascara






Mascara goes on your eyelashes and can make them fuller, wider, give them volume, a slight curl and bring out the little ones you didn’t know you had. Hera Rich Curling Mascara by Korean Cosmetics gives your lashes that boost. 


  1. Choose a mascara that gives you the look you want. Make sure it is not more than 6 months old (or it will clump) and is black or matches your eyeliner.
  2. Push and pull the wand in and out of the tube a few times and twist as you bring the wand out the final time. This will make it easier to apply as there should be no clumps on the brush if there are, repeat a few more times. 
  3. Placing the wand on your lid just under your lashes, in the corner of your eye, slide the brush up your lashes. 
  4. Repeat across your eye to the end of your lashes.  
  5. If you have excessive clumps repeat step 3 or use an eyelash comb in the same manner you used the wand. 
  6. Repeat steps 2-5 for the other eye.
  7. For the lower lashes, lightly touch the wand to the lashes and comb down being careful not to touch your face. An easier method is to place the wand lightly on your lashes and shake your head left to right several times while keeping the wand in place. 
  8. Repeat step 7 for the other eye.



Step 6 Cheeks






Picking the right color blush is essential. The wrong color sends the wrong message or gives you the clown look. If you have very light skin it would not be wise to use a dark red blush, but rather a peach or a very light pink would work better. Shara Shara Feminine Single Blusher by Korean Cosmetics is available in 3 different colors. 


  1. Pick the right color for you. Make sure it compliments your foundation. It is just supposed to add a kiss of color not a splash of color.
  2. Suck in your cheeks. The space above the hollow is your cheekbone and that is where you will apply your blush. 
  3. Starting at the start of your cheekbone, which is about an inch from your nose, grab some blush with a foundation brush and lightly sweep it up your cheekbone towards your ear. There should be more in the front then in the back. Always brush up and back or it is too dark in the wrong places. For the more authentic Korean look lightly brush just the apple of the cheek.  
  4. Repeat step 3 on the other side.



Step 7 Lips


Your lip color ties the whole look together. Just like your blush you want to make your lip color kisses your face rather than splashes it. This can be done in one of two ways. 


Lip Liner





  1. Find a lip color that adds just a hint of color. A shade that is the same color as your blush works well. If you can’t find that shade pick a color that compliments your look and makes your lips a shade darker than they would be naturally. Do NOT line your lips if using lip gloss.
  2. Starting at the dip in your upper lip trace the curve of your lip around to the corner in the opposite direction.
  3. Starting at the corner of your lower lip trace the lip around to the other side. 
  4. Take a finger and rub the liner around your mouth to blend it in. Rub left to right, not in circles, or up and down.   
  5. Apply lipstick that matches your lip liner by using the steps below. 






No Lip Liner or after lip liner


  1. Make sure you have a good color and starting on the top lip, take your lip gloss or lipstick and gently touch it to the middle of your lip gliding it to the corner of your mouth. The harder you push the more there is and the darker it is. 
  2. Now do the other side. 
  3. Repeat steps 1-2 for your bottom lip making sure to start in the middle. Do NOT get it on the crease of your mouth, the very corner of your mouth, and be sure to stay on the lip itself or you will get the clown look. Also make sure to fill in the dark pink part of your lip so that you don’t have lips that are too thin or too thick.  
  4. Take a piece of tissue and place it between your lips. Press your lips on it really hard. This will take off any excess. 
  5. Put your finger in your mouth and close your lips around it. With your lips still closed pull your finger out of your mouth. This ensures that you get no lipstick or lip gloss on your teeth. 
  6. Rubbing an ice cube over your lips is said to keep your lipstick or lip gloss on longer. 




No matter what your look has a wide variety of selections available to service your cosmetic needs.  



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