Korea, the head turners of fashion world, keeps pouring fresh makeup trends and ideas throughout the year. Starting from the ramp models to the chic sliding through the road keep advertising what’s new of the era. Koreans the plastic surgery freaks-are controversially lovers of natural look. A make-over for occasions starting from hi-fi parties to the daily office wear is a challenging task. Achieving that smudge free smoking eyes and plushy cheeks are not so easy task. After the eyes the lips seeks more attention for a makeup. This ‘Korean lips makeup tutorial’ will provide you informative tips for the perfect lips makeup.



Trending Lips Makeup In Korea


Gone are the periods of hot smoking colored lips for the makeover. Here comes the era of Virgin look for the lips. The girls are in the run for the natural and scintillating look of the lips. The so called ‘Radiant Lips’ are the hot trend for the Lips makeup. The radiant lips go with the natural color of the lips. The lips will look as if you have enjoyed eating a cherry letting the juice flowing through your lips. Radiant look is plain but yet inviting. But you must have the insight for experience to achieve the perfect look.







Lip Products Accompanying The Lips Makeup


Lip makeup does not involve just the applying of lipstick. It involves series of products like Lipstick, Lipgloss, lip tint and lip balm. The art comes with the talent to choose the right product and right look for the occasion. You may need to know about the lip products in detail to choose the perfect option that will serve your purpose. Every product has its own pros and cons. The secret lies in the way of efficiently using the pros in our favor. You can see about the products one by one.











The lipstick comes with a wide range of colors and textures to choose from. Its ease of application makes the most preferred lip makeup product. One can easily roll on the lipstick on the go. But you have to be cautious to make sure you don’t smudge it out of the lips. To achieve the gradient look you have shade options viz., concealer or the nude lipstick. Whatever may the options the pink, red and orange will be best suited color for a gradient look. You can mark outlines of the lip with the help of concealer or the nude lipstick. Make the rim nude to get the gradient look. Then fill out the lips with the lipstick in the middle. The lipstick comes in lots of textures like matte finish and oil finish.


There are two main cons as for the lipstick. They will wear off soon while you drink, eat or kiss. You will be using repeatedly to maintain the look. The second thing is that the chance of smudging the lipstick.



How to Apply Lipstick?


A makeup tutorial for the lipstick application is given here for you. When it comes to applying lipstick there is no specific rules and regulation. It is just the talent of your hand and mind working effectively together. The following consideration should be taken in mind:

1.    Check if you have dry or damaged lips.
2.    Use Vaseline if your lips are chapped. Since it may affect with the makeup.
3.    Exfoliate your lips
4.    Moisturize your lips using a lip balm.
5.    Use a lip liner to define the outline of your lips. You should be careful while choosing the shade for your lips. The lip liner should never be darker than your lipstick. You can go for nude liner. The liner can also be used after the application of lipstick.





6.    You should be careful while choosing the color for the lipstick. The women with pale skin will look good in pink lipstick. Women with mediocre color will look good in orange brown lipstick. Dark color women look so gorgeous in red lipstick. The lip liner should be a shade or two lesser than the lipstick.





7.    To make your lips look plumpy make a fake generous outline of your lips. Then follow it with lip-gloss and lipstick. This will make your lips look full.
8.    The ageing process will make your lips thin. So you must avoid the oil and matte textures of lipstick as you age. Stick to the creamy finish lipstick that will keep you look good.



Recommended Lipstick From Korean Makeup Products


The lipstick comes in lots of varieties, colors and textures. But you need to choose the right lipstick by trying it from the stores. Here are few recommended products for your choice of consideration. The cost is also mentioned for your reference.

•    The ETUDE HOUSE’S Dear My Blooming Lips Talk will be a right choice for you. That gives you the drenched and sparkling look to the lips. It comes with 26 extravagant colors that will give a wide range of choice to choose from. The perfect way to apply it will be to dab the lipstick in the middle of the lips then smoothen it to the edges.






•    Holika Holika Heartful Moisture Lip Stick is a unique product of Korean market. The natural ingredients such as oils of sweet orange, grapefruit and olive makes it unique by shielding you from the adverse natural effects. It gives the – I sucked the lollipop- look easily by playing it through the lips with ease. It comes in 8 hot smoking colors.






•    TONY MOLY Kiss Lover lipstick is one more lipstick that you can add to your makeup kit. This comes in 23 rare colors that had wide range of shades. You can consider dabbing it on your lips for a seductive look.








The Lipgloss gives you the lustrous appearance to your lips. Those who prefer to stay low yet shimmering can go for lipgloss. They don’t have the wide color-choice as lipstick colors yet they are easy to apply and stay quite lesser than lipstick. They are easy to apply. They can be more defining over the edges. They come in glittering shades. For a regular office day’s work the lip-gloss will be the best option.






The disadvantages of the lip-gloss are that they wear very easily. They don’t have wide color and shades option. The absence of frizzy colors makes them a wrong choice for a bold look. The oily and sticky look may not be preferable for few. A long hair on a windy day can make it much more embarrassing. The main reason for the less preference for the lip-gloss is its stickiness.



How to Apply Lipgloss?


Applying a lip-gloss is easier than polishing your nails. All you need to do is certain precautions. That will save you from making mistakes. Here few secrets are unveiled for you to apply the lip-gloss perfectly to achieve your desired look. The lip-gloss is no more the teens’ thing it certainly suits anyone from the age of 18-80.  Just follow the below makeup tutorial tips.

1.    A start with smooth lips will favor the smooth application of the lip-gloss. For this you can start with lip balm.
2.    Do not use the lipgloss like your lipsticks (i.e.) don’t roll it over your lips from end to end.
3.    Dab few amount of lipgloss in the middle of your lips. Then slowly rub your lips together. This will perfectly make the gloss blend with your lips. It will also avoid the mess you can create while applying.





4.    For a brighter look you need to dab more lip-gloss on the middle of your lips.
5.    For a darker shade apply lipstick first followed by the lipgloss. You can make combinations like darker lipstick shade and lighter or nude lipgloss. This will make your lips shining and sizzling.
6.    To make the gloss stay on your lips for a longer time add the lip stain first followed by the gloss.  
7.    Lipgloss comes in quite a lot of colors and shades. The most attractive and preferred colors are beige, pink, brown and red.
8.    Older women worry about using lip-gloss but you can certainly use the lip-gloss but avoid darker shades. Lighter shades will look good and make your lips look full.
9.    To make a pop with your gloss use the concealer before the use of gloss.



Recommended Korean Lipgloss


Similar to the lipstick colors the lipgloss comes in wide ranges and varieties. If you check a beauty store you will find hundreds of brands and types stacked for your selection. It is not an easy task to narrow it down. But here you can see few best products narrowed down for you along with the price for your choice from the Korean beauty market.

•    Holika Holika Honey Bouquet Shine Gloss is a honey shine glass that will make your lips lustrous. It not only adds the fragrance to your lips but also keep it wet and hydrated. It is one of favorite type of the Holika Holika brand. It comes with 8 shining colors.




•    The Saem Saemmul Jelly Volume Lip Gloss comes with 5 mused color with refreshing fragrance. The handy gloss makes it use anywhere and anytime easier. It will create a volume look to your lips as the name suggests.



•    TONY MOLY Petite Bunny Gloss Bar is a gloss rich in vitamin-E that will nourish your lips and moisturizes it. The fruit scent will make the lips soft and creamy.






Lip Tint


There are two makeup ingredients that are often termed together and confused with. So you can here see what a lip tint is and what a lip stain is. The Lip stain drenches your lips with the color. They stay even for the full day despite your drinking and eating. They are usually based with water, oil, cream or gel. They are found in bottle or tube.






The lip tint is more like lip balm. It just tints your lips with the color. It is brighter than the lipgloss and less bright than a lipstick. The lip tint stays for a very low time. You must keep using it again and again to maintain it on your lips.
Most times people confuse lip stain with a lip tint. But the name itself describes their difference. The lip stain stains your lips whereas the lip tint just tints your lips with color.



How to Apply Lip Tint?


The lip tint keeps your lips moisturized and some of them even come with sunscreen. It will thus help to protect your lips from the harsh actions of the sun. It can just be rolled on your lips with ease. All you have to do is follow the below make-up tutorial tips.

1.    Exfoliate your lips.
2.    Apply the lip tint from the inner sides towards the outside.
3.    Line the lip tint to the shape of the lips
4.    The lip tint helps you to keep your lips shining when use it with a lip stain. You can also use it along with lipstick.



Recommended Korean Lip Tint


The following Lip Tint choices are the most demanded in the Korean market. The price is mentioned along for reference.


•    ETUDE HOUSE Dear Darling Tint AD is a healthy combo of vitamins and pomegranate that keep your lips nourished. It comes with 4 scintillating colors.





•    INNISFREE Eco Flower Tint Balm is a flower extract tint that keeps your lips moisturized.






•    MISSHA The Style Aqua Gel Tint is a Korean product that comes with floral fragrance. It keeps your lips from drying.





This article is a cakewalk through the wide range of products involving the lips makeup. The Korean lips makeup tutorial will help you to get the trending style for your lips. You can add few tips like matching your red lip makeup with the less eye-makeup and smoking eyes with a nude lips to your makeup ideas. A few smart tips can make you look like a ramp-model. Go through the tutorial and enjoy getting a radiant lip.



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