What is Sun Protection SPF? 






Korean women are famous with the flawless skin, what is the secret behind? The answer is stay out of the sun. The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can cause aging and wrinkles for the skin.  To keep your skin young and fair, it’s important to choose the skincare and makeup products with SPF to protect your skin from the harmful UVA and UVB rays. Now a days, most of the skincare and makeup products has SPF, so please focus on how to protect the skin by using the skincare products e.g., moisturizer, cream, lotions and makeup  e.g. BB cream, CC cream, all of them are with SPF.  



Korean Skin Care & Makeup Products With Sun Protection SPF


SPF which is a shortened form for Sun Protection Factor, is a number, such as, 15, 30, or 50 that shows the level of sunburn protection provided by skincare and makeup products. SPF is identified with the total amount of sun exposure instead of just the length of sun exposure. It is a typical mistake to accept that the length of time of effectiveness of a sunscreen can be ascertained just by multiplying the SPF by the time frame it takes for him or her to endure a sunburn without sunscreen, on the grounds that the amount of sun exposure an individual gets is dependent upon more than simply the time spent in the sun. The amount of sun-exposure relies on various elements, including the length of exposure, time of day, geographic area, seasons, and climate/weather conditions. 






Learn the Protection Level of Sun Protection SPF Labelling 


In summary SPF in skincare and makeup product is a measure of how well the sunscreen deflects UVB rays. It's a measure of the product effectiveness against sunburn that cause ultraviolet B (UVB) rays. Choose a broad spectrum skincare and makeup product that secures against UVA and UVB rays. The perfect product will have SPF of no less than 15.  Here is the sun protection and SPF labelling set by European Commission.



European Commission system for Sun Protection SPF labeling


Labeled category


Labeled Sun Protection Factor


Low Protection



Medium Protection




High Protection



Very High Protection                




How to Choose the Right Sun Protection Products for Your Skin 


Some individuals burn easily, while others are more resistant to sunburns. When Choosing skincare and makeup products one should their skin type and perceiving when and how you expose your skin to the sun will help you pick the products that right for your skin. 



SPF 60 sun protection products are prescribed for the individuals who:

•    Have skin that is extremely sensitive and delicate that burns easily when presented to the sun; 
•    Have fair skin, red or light hair and light-shaded eyes; 
•    Work or stay outside throughout the day; 
•    Partake in exercises at high heights or go to tropical destinations. 



SPF 45 sun protection products are ideally equipped for the individuals who: 


•    Have delicate skin and/or the individuals who, while they are fair skinned, still tan delicately when presented to the sun; 
•    Stay in the sun for a longer time (i.e. an afternoon at the shoreline or a trek in the mountains). 


  1. ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector (SPF50+/PA+++) (50g)
  2. ETUDE HOUSE Total Age Repair Fermentation Two-way Cake SPF48/PA++ (12g) 
  3. NATURE REPUBLIC California Aloe Daily Moisture Sun Block (SPF50/PA+++) (50ml) 
  4. THE FACE SHOP Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel (SPF40 PA+++) (50ml) 
  5. MISSHA All Around Safe Block Waterproof Sun Milk (SPF50+/PA+++) (70ml) 




SPF 30 sun protection products are perfect for individuals who: 


•         Tan easily; 
•         Stay outside for a short time. 


  1. ETUDE HOUSE Precious Mineral BB Cream Blooming Fit (SPF 30 Pa++) (60ml ) 
  2. THE FACE SHOP Face it Power Perfection BB Cream (SPF37, PA++) (20ml) 
  3. THE FACE SHOP Face It Aura Color Control Cream (SPF30,PA++) (20g) 
  4. THE FACE SHOP Face It Collagen EX Two-way Cake (SPF30,PA+++) (8g) 
  5. TONY MOLY My Sunny Watery Sun Gel (SPF30 PA++) (45g) 
  6. MISSHA M Perfect Cover BB cream No.21 SPF42 PA+++ (50ml) 




Concerning SPF 15 sun protection products, they are for individuals who:


•         Have matte skin; 
•         rarely burn from sun rays; 
•        They usually go in and out thus enjoy considerably length of sun  



  1. THE FACE SHOP Face it Magic Cover BB Cream SPF20 PA+++ No.2 Natural Beige (45ml) 
  2. TONY MOLY Delight Baby Doll Make-up Base (SPF15/PA+) (30ml) 
  3. MISSHA M Signature Real Complete BB Cream SPF25 PA++ (No.23) (45g) 



It’s good to note that skincare and makeup sunscreen with the ideal SPF won't give satisfactory protection if you don't use enough products and don't reapply it as regularly as required. 



Lipsticks with Sun Protection SPF


  1. MISSHA M Wrinkle Free Smoothing Lipstick Primer (SPF14) (4.5g) 
  2. THE FACE SHOP Lovely Me:ex Lip Tint Stick SPF13 (02 Sweet Cherry) 
  3. TONY MOLY Prestige Snail Lip Treatment Stick (SPF13) (3.5g) 



How to Define Broad Spectrum, UVB & UVA?






Broad spectrum defines the product effectiveness against sun exposure and is deemed powerful against both UVB (skin-burning) and UVA (skin-aging). UVA can hasten ageing of your skin, creating wrinkling and age spots while UVB can burn your skin. Too much exposure to either UVA or UVB can result in skin cancer. The best sunscreen offers protection from all Ultraviolet light. One should always choose abroad spectrum combination that is effective against both UVB and UVA. Shoppers will need to precisely read the label on their skincare and makeup products to figure out if they're buying items that give enough UVB and UVA protection. While all skincare and makeup products give sufficient UVB protection, complete UVA protection is hard to find in the market. 



Types of Sun Protection Products 


Sunscreen is any substance or material or skincare product that shields the skin from UV radiation and commonly used in the modern Korean Skincare and makeup products. Skincare and makeup SPF products are accessible in the various forms that include topical moisturizer, cream, ointment, gel, or spray that can be applied to the skin; an ointment or stick that can be applied to the lips, nose, and eyelids; a moistener in towels that can be rubbed against the skin; shades or sunglasses that protect the eyes; certain sorts of sun-protection wears; and film screen that can be attached to the windows of a vehicle, room, or office. Numerous facial lotions and beautifying agents’ products usually offer some level of sun protection.  





One should choose Korean Skincare and makeup SPF products with specific chemicals if your skin responds negatively to the particular skincare product that you are using. It’s important to note that not all skincare and makeup products have the same sun protection ingredients. 


Make sure to choose SPF products that contain ingredient that reflect or assimilate UV rays. There are two primary types of Sunscreen products:



Organic Sun Protection Products






They are also referred to as chemical sunscreens, organic sun protection SPF products ingest UV radiation convert it to a small amount of heat. This ingredient is broadly used as a part of skincare and makeup SPF products in Korean cosmetics such as the following. Natural skincare and makeup products may contain avobenzone, cinoxate, ecamsule, menthyl anthranilate, octyl methoxycinnamate, octyl salicylate, oxybenzone or sulisobenzone. 


  1. THE FACE SHOP Natural Sun Eco Aqua Sun Gel (SPF40 PA+++) (50ml) 
  2. THE FACE SHOP Natural Sun AQ Baby Mild Sun Lotion (SPF30 PA++) (50ml) 
  3. INNISFREE Eco Natural Green tea BB Cream (SPF29,PA++) (40ml) 
  4. ETUDE HOUSE Sun Prise Natural Corrector (SPF50+/PA+++) (50g)



Inorganic Sun Protection Products


Which are also called physical sunscreens; inorganic sunscreens reflect and diffuse UV radiation. Inorganic sunscreens may contain titanium dioxide or zinc oxide. Many broad-spectrum use these ingredients to block UVA and UVB rays. 


Sun Protection SPF products also may contain: 



Vitamins as Sun Protection


Vitamin E usually protects against UV induced DNA harm. Vitamin C helps shield skin from sunburn. 


VitaminE-sunscreen-productsVitamin E



Insect Repellent


Remember that it’s ordinarily recommended that insect repellent be applied on the skin after every six hours for it to be effective. When utilizing these Korean sun protection SPF products, reapply a skincare and makeup SPF products without insect repellent following two hours outdoors or after swimming or intensely sweating. 


A few sun protection SPF products also contain the cell antioxidant retinyl palmitate, a type of vitamin A or retinol. Antioxidants or Cell reinforcements are substances that kill free radicals that cause wrinkles in the skin. While concerns have been raised about sun protection SPF products containing retinyl palmitate, the current research suggest it’s safe to use them



Comfortability on Korean Skincare and Makeup Products with Sun Proection SPF






Choose a skincare and makeup products that you'll feel comfortable on use and offer protection. Skincare and makeup SPF products can't protect against UVB or UVA beams while still in the tube. If you happen to purchase the skincare and makeup SPF product yet can't stand the oily feel, search for an oil free SPF product. Also if you apply perfume and you don’t want the skincare and makeup SPF products to interfere with it then use free fragrance formulation. Choose a mineral based formulation if the sun protection SPF product causes irritation or itchy which makes you uncomfortable. 



Choose The Right Korean Sun Protectoin Products for Children & Youngsters


Choose appropriate Sunscreen Korean products for children, adolescent, and individuals with sensitive skin. Youths, mature individuals, and everybody with sensitive skin may find that product with less additives and chemicals, and more physical ingredient that is zinc oxide and titanium can be less irritating. 


For youngsters' skin Chemicals can aggravate kids' delicate skin; PABA and oxybenzone specifically have been seen to cause skin reactions. The physical sunscreens zinc oxide and titanium dioxide have a tendency to be better endured by individuals with delicate or sensitive skin and can normally be found in sun protection SPF products for both small babies and kids. 






Since getting youngsters to utilize sun protection SPF products is kind of difficult, attempt spray or tubes which are very colourful that attract kids and can easily be used on them, spray skincare and makeup SPF products ought not be applied direct to the face it should first be applied on mother hands the apply evenly to the kids face. In General, the Korean skincare & makeup SPF products available on the market for children have been adapted to their sensitive and delicate skin.



Choose the Right Korean Sun Protection SPF Products For The Elders


For the older individual who may have been exposed to a lot of UV light during their lifetime, they can now benefit from sun protection SPF product utilization. At any age, unprotected sun exposure builds the danger of growing new skin diseases and pre-cancers; it additionally quickens skin maturing, prompting age spots, wrinkles, sagging, and rugged skin. 


More older individuals who have mobility problem may have some major snags applying sun protection SPF skincare & makeup products to certain areas, for example, the legs and back; for them, spray on SPF products may be an incredible alternative — they are currently accessible both in chemical and physical formulations. 



Para-amino Benzoic Acid (PABA) in Sun Protection Products


Choose a brand that does not contain para-amino benzoic acid (PABA) if it happens that you skin is delicate or sensitive and affected by the ingredient. PABA was one of the first UVB-blocking ingredients in skincare and makeup products. Some people developed a skin reaction to this substance, and it was also found to stain clothes. 


Throughout the years, PABA has been refined and adjusted into more up to date ingredients known as glycerol PABA, padimate A, and padimate O, all of which are UVB-blocking SPF ingredients. Different ingredients in skincare and makeup sun protection SPF products might cause skin reaction to different individuals. 



Procedures for UVA & UVB Sun Protections


Anyone can determine the suitability of a particular skincare and makeup sun protection SPF product without risk of serious damage by: 


1.    Clothing his or her body completely with the exception of the uncovered skin area
2.    Applying the skincare and makeup SPF product with sunscreen effect to the skin area that will be exposed to the sunlight
3.    If the product cause some reaction on the skin then the user should look for another product compatible to his/her skin 






Sun Protection Skincare and Makeup Products for Darker skin


People with darker skin who tan easily and rarely affected by the sun beams the may feel they don't have to utilize this products. On the other hand, in the same way as sunburn, a tan is the consequence of DNA burn from sun harmful UV beams. 


People who have dark skin might likewise be careful about utilizing physical skincare and makeup sun protection SPF products, particularly titanium-based items, since they may look whitish and chalky. Newer preparation, in any case, have a tendency to be micronized, which implies the particles are sufficiently little to let them to mix in and vanish into the skin. Chemical based skincare and makeup products with sunscreen protection are likewise an alternative; they should choose broad-spectrum skincare and makeup products with a SPF of 15+. 



Water-based Sun Protection SPF Skincare and Makeup Products


Choose a water-based skincare and makeup sun protection SPF products if you have oily skin or are prone to pimple inflammation. Makers of SPF products that claim to be water-resistant must show on the product label whether SPF effect stays viable for 40 minutes i.e. water resistant or 80 minutes named very water-resistant while swimming or sweating, based on standard testing. Products that are not water resistant must contain guidance on the label advising customers to utilize a water-resistant skincare and makeup sun protection product if swimming or sweating. 


Be aware that more expensive products does not mean that they are more effective than the relatively cheaper ones. The costly brand might make you feel better or might have a better smell. Be mindful of the date of manufacture and the expiry date since some ingredient on the skincare and makeup SPF products might degrade over time and may be harmful to your skin or health in general.




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