Korean women’s are known for flawless skin. It's what we all desired, and it’s the reason so many of us spend endless hours attempting to find out the secrets behind Korean women's beauty.  In Korea, the individual who is utilizing Korean makeup or any other Asian Makeup brand ought to attempt to get the ideal look. Applying the base cosmetics in Korean signifies ‘expressing your skin’ and the exertion that they put in applying the cosmetics. What Koreans believe is flawlessness, so they make moderate and intentional movements while applying cosmetic.  



Korean Skincare - Korean Skincare Tutorial



Steps for Flawless Skin as Korean Women



Step 1: Makeup Removal  


The flawlessness skin of Korean women is brought about by stripping off cosmetics before bed. Leaving cosmetics and dirt on skin doesn't simply obstruct pores; it can bring about excessive dryness and even skin dandruff since most of cosmetics contain a sugar-sort particle that can develop yeast overnight that is harmful to your skin. 


For an exhaustive removal of all impurities and cosmetics, Korean women follow the double cleansing method. Firstly remove the make up with great Korean cosmetics remover or Cleansing Tissues, since one is expecting an ordinary cleanser to do a detailed job is what leaves you with week-old makeup on your face. Make sure to wrench the skin around your face eyes & lips. Also, use the cleansing tissue to remove any long-wear lipstick. 






Step 2: Face Cleansing


Traditionally Korean ladies clean their skin seriously. Rather, settle on a gel-to-oil purifying item that melts the grease off your face, making it clean and totally saturated. There are so many Korean skin care products for cleansing like The Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Oil for this purpose. For optimum results make a round movements with your fingers to back rub and clean off the foundation and BB cream. Korean beauty secrets show that rubbing the face builds dissemination, which rises to brighter skin.  



Step 3: Exfoliation  


Exfoliation is another important Korean beauty secret step to remove dead layers of cells that are obstructing the pores. If you don’t exfoliate frequently; you will find debris accumulation on your face which will result in multi-toned skin complexion; it additionally stops deeper entrance of serums and essences. Exfoliating with a natural scrub or wash off mask actually brings your skin back to its wonderfulness days when it was as delicate as an infant's skin. Exfoliating with a natural scrub at least once a week, simply focus on the T-zone or where clogged pores successive.



Frequent Exfoliation by using Asian Makeup Products


Frequent exfoliation helps in growth of new cell. This means that renewed cells are constantly brought to the surface of the skin. The outcome is a smoother and more radiant appearance since dead cells darken the skin. Exfoliation also has an increasing effect on collagen production. Mechanical exfoliation with a facial cleansing pad or specially textured cream activates the skin to produce more collagen. This is helpful since they stop producing abundant amounts of this important protein in our mid-twenties.



Step 4: The Refresher / Toner


Toning is an essential process and it’s known to aid remove pollutants along with any remainder from your cleansers which also helps restoring your skin’s pH balance. It alleviates and prepares your skin to assimilate the following step that is the essence. It has been discovered that Korean skincare brand toners are less harsh and drying than different sorts that have been tried, which is possibly why they're called "refreshers." And they're produced using additionally natural ingredient. Apportion the Toner onto a cotton cushion and wipe your face and neck—and don't be astonished at the filthy streak left on the cushion.  




Step 5: The Essence  


The Essence is considered the most important venture to Korean ladies, yet still a Korean beauty secrets riddle to many. This vital fluid concentrate is the Korean mystery to astounding skin, a practise you can't bear to miss. It accelerates the skin's cell reestablishment process, which makes the skin brighter, tighter, firmer, smoother and all around more brilliant. Keep in mind: never rub it in, always tap!  



Absorb your face with Korean makeup brand Missha First Treatment Essence. It influences skin on a cell level, speeding your cell turnover rate which makes skin smoother, brighter and younger.  



Step 6:  The Ampoule 


Ampoules are super-concentrated versions of essences, and are regularly alluded to as serums and boosters. It particularly targets dull, maturing skin with a unique fermented yeast fixing that decreases lines and dark spots. The Korean makeup brand Missha Time Revolution Night Repair New Science Activator Ampoule contains the key ingredient bifida ferment lysate, which helps light up skin, blurring sunspots, and smoothing scars. 


It’s a natural makeup vitamin rich variant of essence with a thick consistency. A single drop of ampoule is powerful enough to address all skin problems like loss of collagen and wrinkles. This ampoule resolves all skin problems like dulling skin, uneven skin tone, and loss of skin elasticity. 






Step 7: The Mask 


Apply face masks regularly is another secret for flawless skin. It is suggested to use mask twice-a-week as a custom, or more if your face is exceptionally dry. The wet, papery masks are absorbed in ingredients like collagen, which can moisture and brighten your skin. Some natural skin care mask contains avocado concentrates which contain huge amounts of cancer prevention agents and Vitamin E which is anti-aging. The key to sheet mask is that they drive your skin to assimilate the nutrients and moisture better than if you just applied a cream or serum—before the product has a chance to evaporate. The quick impacts are addicting, after one utilization your face becomes slightly plumper and much brighter because of the moisture absorbed in your skin. 



Step 8: The Eye Cream 


It's never too soon to begin counteracting wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness for your eyes. At the point when applying eye creams, dependably tenderly tap around the eyes and abstain from rubbing or pulling the skin, which causes more lines. Delicately tap Moistfull Collagen Eye Cream from Etude House around the eye region.



Step 9: The Moisturizer  


In the event that you need to put a stall on aging and keep your skin firm while keeping up an energetic shine, it is critical to moisturize every single day. Lotions help build your skin's water substance and keep your skin feeling as delicate as anyone might imagine. One specific ingredient in Korean beauty brand is the magnificence ingredient called hyaluronic acid. It is an awesome humectants that ties moisture to the external layer of skin 





Korean Beauty Secrets of Using Moisturizer

Korean beauty brand moisturizer are frequently known as "Emulsions". Emulsions are light moisturizers; fundamentally for slick oily skin. The saturating methodology is trailed by the utilization of serum as well as essence. Serums infiltrate into the skin for the treatment of number of issues, such as, dryness, flaking, opened pores and acne whereas moisturizer keeps the upper layers of your skin hydrated and tight. Korean ladies are about layering, to the point you feel your skin has been mummified.   



Step 10: The Night Cream  


At this point your face feels like a 6-layered cream cake and your skin has significant sparkle or as Korean ladies like to call it, a dewy, "wet shine." The fact of the matter is, your skin needs to stay hydrated as you revive overnight. Also, in light of the following ingredients in Korean beauty secrets is the fermented ingredients and a cream that has matured snow lotus extricates, bamboo sap and other natural ingredients. If its morning time, avoid this and go straight to a BB cream like the Etude House Precious Mineral Any Cushion, or an item with SPF protection.  



Korean Beauty Secrets and Eating Habits


There are many things that the Korean women do to make their skin flawless. The Koreans are very conscious on the food they eat. They believe that what's on your plate determines how healthy your skin is, the way youthful you look, and whether you have pimple inflammation.

Essentially, like it or not what you eat your body determines whether you have sound healthy skin or "problem" skin, so now is the right time to watch what you eat. Koreans make sure that they eat a lot of dark-coloured fruits and vegetables all are high in antioxidants, which are great for the skin. Also omega 3s, fish and whole grains are a piece of their nourishment choice, since they have a huge effect on the complexion and appearance as well.

They usually eat more healthy foods and fruits. Their diet has very little oily, fried, and processed food. There is also the other side of Korean food, perhaps most commonly championed by Koreans, as being a very healthy food. The liberal use of soybeans, many vegetable dishes, herbs with curative or preventive properties and moderate amounts of meats certainly seem to make the food being the healthiest.



Use of Refined Sugar and Asian Beauty Secrets

Refined sugar consumption triggers a process called glycation in which the sugar molecules attach themselves to proteins. This results in harmful new proteins appropriately coined AGEs (advanced glycation end-products) that cause harm to all cells in the body. They also make collagen proteins more rigid. The result is reduced elasticity in this important structural skin protein. Wrinkles and creases can then form more easily due to repeated expression and environmental damage. High intake of refined sugar and processed carbohydrates compromises the whole underlying structure of the skin. It accelerates the process of aging by reducing the integrity and resiliency of the skin's "foundation".


Wear Sunscreen Makeup to Protect Your Skin 

Koreans wear sunscreen all the time, even on a dark, rainy day. It does help to prevent skin harm, obscuring of pimple inflammation scars, and so on. Wear SPF products to protect your skin has become a routine to many Korean ladies they NEVER go out if they don't have sunblock. The advice here is that you should always protect your skin whenever you're outdoor. It doesn’t matter what season it is or what climate you live or work in, you should always apply sunblock. 

Keep in mind to always go for broad spectrum SPF security to block UVA and UVB beams, both of which are harming and ageing. Korean makeup brand Missha's Mild Essence Sun Milk ensures, moisturizes, and hydrates your skin, giving a complete skin cure every time it is applied. It's light, not sticky, moisturizing and doesn't leave a white cast. Wearing SPF likewise avoids aging, wrinkles, and harmful blemishes so get stocked up on you sunblock Korean style.  






Korean Natural Make Up Trends

Nowadays, people are starting to get interested in natural ingredients because they provide extra strength for your skin. Women in Korea prefer healthy natural makeup, dewy, and light-colored skin, and these natural ingredients help with skin improvement in many different ways! The natural makeup products include natural ingredients have small particles, which is way easier to absorb into your skin and give a boost to make you look good! 


Korean Natural Makeup Products with Natural Ingredients

The most powerful ingredients on earth come straight from nature. Search for natural makeup products with natural ingredients. A couple of top choices of our Korean beauty secrets magnificence specialists incorporate Snail Mucin, green tea, and Yeast Ferment.  Snail Mucin, also referred to as Snail Slime Extract (yes, from genuine ooze) is getting to be more well-known in the beauty hemisphere. Korean utilization of natural makeup like snail creams with this element for individuals with touchy, delicate and sensitive skin. It is known to recover demerged skin cells, make your skin become healthier and younger.





Korean Fermented Makeup 


Fermented natural makeup are cosmetics that use natural ingredients that have been fermented. Now, many of you guys may think that fermented ingredients are only for food, but now in Korea, fermented rice/beans/corn/etc are the ingredient used in many of the Korean makeup brand products. They are all come from natural; it keeps your skin healthy, strong, and smooth. Since fermented Asian Makeup use fermented natural ingredients, it is beneficial to all skin types including the sensitive ones.

Fermented natural makeup from Soybean Firming Eye Cream helps with whitening and preventing wrinkles. Since this is a fermented product, it absorbs easily and helps your eyes to avoid irritation and keeps it moisturized. This product helps with getting rid of your dark circles, wrinkles, dryness, and pigmentation.



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