Manyo Factory is a fairly less known Korean brand, which is gaining momentum overseas in markets such as Hong Kong, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Japan, etc is now available for wholesale at Q-depot.

The brand was established in 2012 and in a short time period their products become popular not only in Korea but in overseas markets as well. 'Manyo' is a Korean word, which is translated as a sorceress. Why sorceress? Manyo Factory products consist of only natural and organic ingredients, so the process of creating natural cosmetics can be compared with the preparation of magic potions.

Their products are made out of natural ingredients and are very skin-friendly. If you got sensitive skin, you can use Manyo products without any worries. At q-depot, we offer the best wholesale prices for this brand and also 180+ other famous Korean cosmetic brands we supply. We guarantee a high level of customer support and a convenient wholesale shopping experience.