Purito, the brand name is comprised of two words, "PURIFY" and a Chinese character that means "Soil". That means their products are comprised of safe and natural ingredients comes from clean soil. Purito is now available for wholesale at q-depot.com with lowest wholesale prices. 


Purito used to distribute Korean road shop brands overseas. Over the time they realized that people are not really impressed by natural ingredients or cheap prices but rather they prefer safe cosmetics. Then they launched their own brand, which they claim is the safestest natural brand and even you can apply to the babies. 

According to them, one should not believe in skin care products based on how good it looks, how dramatic effect it can show, how popular is the brand, how expensive it is rather on how much % of natural ingredients they contain and how much harmful ingredients are excluded. Those brands which are really popular might mean that they spend a lot of their money on nice packaging and advertisement while product quality might not be their focus. 
Purity give the following promises to their consumers:
  • We will never include 20 types of bad ingredients and 26 types of allergic ingredients. 
  • Our focus will always be a quality ingredients rather than a glamorous packaging.
  • Will always use eco-friendly material. 
  • Will never test products on animals 
  • Prices will always be reasonable to make sure the products are in reach of everyone. 

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