Innisfree is one of the most loved Korean cosmetics brands around the world. Throughout our 8 years+ Korean cosmetics business, Innisfree has been the most stable brand in terms of price and supply. We hardly ever heard of any issues with Innisfree pricing or supply. One of the smoothest Kbeauty brands.

Recently, Innisfree raised the price for many of their best-selling products such as Green Tea Line, Bija Line, Jeju Orchid line, etc. In short, they raised retail prices for almost all of their best-selling product lines. The reason behind this could be a survival trick during a hard hit Covid, which cut offline store sales to almost zero. Covid is a big blow to many companies around the world especially to those which rely heavily on offline sales such as Innisfree, a mainstream road shop brand. During this Covid time, many brands are on their knees due to poor sales such as Faceshop, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, etc; Some of the well-known brands. 

A complete list of items with an increase in retail price and difference could be found below:

innisfree price increase

We believe this increase of retail prices for some items could be a helping hand for Innisfree's survival during Covid time and we all should accept it happily and hope that this everyone's loved brand, should stay afloat during this hard time. We supply all of the Innisfree products and 300+ other Korean cosmetics brands at the best wholesale price and ship all over the world. Should you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us anytime.