In today's world of beauty and skincare, trading cosmetics globally is like sharing colours from a makeup kit. With Korea standing as a powerhouse in the industry and Thailand embracing a growing beauty culture, getting cosmetics from Korea to Thailand sounds promising but it can get quite ...ahh.. tricky!


Complications in Shipping to Thailand

Thailand, like many countries, has very strict rules about bringing cosmetics into the country. They have specific rules about what can be in the products and sometimes you need special permissions for specific types of items. Then comes the part where you choose who you want to ship with. Ofcourse, the names like DHL, FedEx and UPS sound great but, that is until you don't know how much they are going to charge you. You can't also go for the good'ol regular postal services as well because they take ages to be delivered. Besides, they don't guarantee customs clearance, and they won't guarantee if your bottles of lotions and cleansers will arrive in one piece.

Oh Wait! We forgot the part about paperworks. Making sure you have all the right paperwork is super important. You need to describe the cosmetics accurately, include detailed invoices, have any necessary permits and much more. If you miss something, your package might get stuck in customs forever. 

Yup! It can be a headache sometimes. But the big question is: Is your skin worth all that hassle? 

The BIG Question!

Question: Is your skin worth all that hassle? 

Q-depot: Yes!! It is!

How Q-depot Delivers K-Beauty to Your Doorstep

You can avoid all this mess by shopping with Q-depot. We at Q-depot offer door to door delivery service from South Korea to Thailand. We handle everything from the start to finish, including customs, so you don't have to worry at all. You can also choose between Air Delivery or Sea Delivery.  Here are the costs: 

Delivery Cost

  • By Air: $13.78 USD / kg
  • By Sea: $4.13 USD / kg

Delivery Time

  • By Air: Arrives in BKK in 1-2 days*
  • By Sea: Arrives in 15-20 days*

2-4 Days for Local Delivery as well (up to delivery method)

Once your package arrives at our warehouse in Thailand, we make sure to get it to you very quickly. You can even choose how you want it to be delivered to your address, weather you want it delivered by Flash Express, Grab or you can even pick it up yourself. At Q-depot, we're not just about shipping cosmetics. We're all about giving you a great experience. We want every interaction with us to be easy and satisfying. So if you want to get your hands on some amazing cosmetics without all the hassle, Q-depot is the way to go!