There are too many reasons for skin allergies, some are transient, and sometimes recurring from time to time. For vulnerable sensitive skin, it is very important to find the skin care products that can soothe the skin and maintain skin stability!
Experts have advised many useful principals from looking at the ingredients and packaging of the skincare products that may cause the allergy, and most important to take good care of your body etc to avoid allergic conditions in the skin.

Principal 1. Pay Attention to The Signal from your Body

In the concept of oriental medicine, the skin is like a mirror in the body, and it reflects the state of the body. Therefore,we shall bear in mind that prevention is better than treatment, and always keep the good habits to care for our body.
Eating fresh fruits and green vegetables, drinking sufficient amount of water and proper exercise, are able to increase our body's metabolism and help remove harmful free radicals in our body. This especially promote gastrointestinal motility, help digestion and absorption, improve bowel movements, avoid constipation.
We must avoid sleeping at late night, eating heavy taste, fried spicy and sweet food are bad for our body and skin. Instead, eating balanced diet with various nutrition, proper exercise and maintain a happy mood are all good habits. Once we have created a pure environment in the body, our skin will naturally become beautiful.

Principal 2. Learn How to Choose the Skincare Products

To help ourselves taking good care of sensitive skin, we must learn and understand how to choose the right skincare product. Here are a few simple ways to teach you how to stay away from the skin's stimuli.

Avoid Dyed Packaging Skincare Products

Avoid directly dyed packaging material skincare products, as either the acid, essential oils in the skin care products or the alkali value or the pH value of the acid of the skincare product, are possible to precipitate the color material in the packaging bottle (both plastic and glass materials are the same). It is recommended to choose those skincare care packaging with HDPE, PETG plastic bottles in white, translucent, transparent color or primary color glass bottles.

Choose Eco Friendly Skincare Products

Select environmentally friendly skin care products, this is not only eco-friendly in the skincare formula, raw materials and process but also aimed to achieve no cumulative toxicity, biodegradable and low environmental burden skincare packaging.

Avoid Skincare Products with Harmful Ingredients



Parabens: Benzoic acid esters have been used for 50 years and are also used in foods and medicines. These ingredients are usually written as: Methyl, Butyl, Isobutyl, Ethyl, Propyl.
PARABEN is commonly found in a variety of cosmetic preservatives, which are easily absorbed by the skin and enter the blood and digestive system. Long-term use may cause skin sensitivity and health problems.


Sodium Laureth Sulfate

Sodium Laureth Sulfate is commonly used in cleaning products such as shampoos, facial cleansers and toothpastes. It is a strong chemical surfactant with good cleaning power and good foaming.
It may cause problems such as dry skin, hair loss and scalp irritation if used regularily. It is obtained from natural fatty acids by high temperature and high pressure synthesis reaction (chemical change), which is not easily decomposed and harmful to the environment.

Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreen is always written as copper benzoate, oxygen copper, methoxy. These ingredients allows sunlight to penetrate the skin and absorb neutral UV rays with synthetic chemicals. There may be health risks, and may cause part of the user's skin irritating or sensitive, even affecting hormones, or may interfere with the endocrine system. The skin's absorption rate of copper benzoate is particularly good, and this is more worrying as more harmful will cause. To avoid these harmful Chemical Sunscreen, Mineral sunscreen is advised to substitute.


Mineral Oil

Mineral Oil is commonly found in baby lotions, creams, ointments and cosmetics. It is refined from petroleum and is inexpensive. It inhibits the skin's ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. Long-term use can make the skin being dry, cause clogged pores and trigger acne.



Silicone (SILICONS)has a smooth touch on the skin. It is a derivative of Silicium (silicone or siloxane polymer). It is a high heat-resistant component, which is not conducive to bio-degradation. It may pose a sensitization to the skin and may make the skin unable to breathe. The only advantage is the low cost.

Principal 3. Sleep Early and Detox Your Body

In the oriental culture, everyone said that it is best to sleep before 11:00, why is sleep repairing so important? Because every hour of the night, our organs has its own detox mission.
11pm to 1am            Detoxification of Gallbladder
1am to 3am              Detoxification of liver
3am to 5am              Detoxification of Lung
5am to 7am              Detoxification of Intestine
7am to 9am              Detoxification of Stomach
Following these advise may not immediately cure your sensitive skin problem, but it will lessen the chance of occurring. With continuous effort to enhance your immune system and proper skincare routine, you may see magical result by time.

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