Korea is one of the country that has countless beauty brands and among them there are some new rising stars that gain popularity within decades. These new arising stars all have their unique characters to appeal to their customers. Let’s explore what is special about them.





W Lab


W Lab is one of the leading Korean beauty brands and is much praised for its products with safe ingredients. The company tries to produce skin care products that are developed by unique technologies and exceptionally good experts in dermatology.





W Lab uses plant extracts in their products instead of using purified water as its basic base. This process helps double the effects of the products and make it more effective. That is why, W Lab continues to satisfy its customers because it always gives exceedingly great results.  








Medi-heal is a cosmetic medical brand in South Korea. It was created and tested by specialists in aesthetics using the principles of the treatments used in beauty clinics. These treatments target skin problems most common to women. The brand combines special skin prescription and the extensive knowledge of these experts to create solutions to skin problems. The Medi-heal products even help renew the skin and make it look and feel like it has received professional skin interventions. 





Medi-heal makes use of concentrated formulas that come from natural ingredients. Natural ingredients play a key factor in balancing the skin and making it healthier: resistant to stress and eventually restore balance.  





This popular brand was founded from the prestigious medical beauty school in Seoul University. The products are developed from highly skilled experts who know the science of beauty well. It is the mask sheet leader in the beauty industry. The masks are effective and innovative, catering to all skin types and concerns.  






Medi-heal promotes the concept of “home-use”. This means that surgery is not a means to an end. That beautiful skin can still be attained, without surgical intervention. All products of Medi-heal are safe and dermatologist-tested to give you the best skincare there is. It has already sold more than 10 million mask sheets by December of 2012. This just proves that Medi-heal works.  





“Noble Through Skin”. The birth of the South Korean beauty brand NoTS started withPark Nam-mi. She was a mother of two children, one being diagnosed wiyh Atopic Dermatitis. The pain her son was undergoing devastated her. So, to give a solution to her son’s suffering, she researched and put together a team of dermatologist experts, chemists, and researchers to make the best ans safest products for her son. Through her dedication to this research, NoTS cosmetics was born. 





NoTS always acquire the best ingredients, materials and technology to benefit its customers that believes in the brand. They also do not concentrate on pretty containers, instead, they strive to provide its consumers with safe and high-quality products. NoTS aims to protect and care for its consumers, much like how Park Nam-min cared for her son.   






NoTS is best known for its natural ingredients. This has made them popular, not only in Korea, but in the international market as well. Their philosophy: Safety-Natural-Rule-Skin, speaks a lot about the brand. Safety means that NoTS invests in better products and services rather than concentrate on marketing. They also continue to look for natural ingredients that are safe and effective. Rule means that all products of the brand are manufactured in accordance with “GMP”. Lastly, Skin refers to products that are developed in consideration with the customer’s skin type. 








SNP is gaining much popularity due to its “animal masks”. There are widely known in the Korean market and even abroad. The masks have trendy designs ranging from pandas to otters. It gained a massive ordering amounting to 10 million within a month after its release.





SNP launched in 2009 and have successfully catered to difficult consumers since then. Their excellent products have quickly owned the market. The company also had experienced failures in the past, but they were able to move forward and become a brand that is known to all.


The SNP uses the corporation name, SD Bioengineering. The CEO Park Seol-Woong aims to further study the human skin that is based on technological development and materials incomparable to other Korean beauty brands. With that in mind, SNP has developed products that target the pores, and for other skin troubles. SNP has since then earned the trust of its consumers through the years. 






Among its most popular are the Acsys line and their pore-tightening products that are very effective in treating skin troubles. SNP has also placed a patent on their products. Other Korean beauty product companies have tried to imitate their products but they have not been successful.





SNP’s philosophy is that “SNP must be definite in all areas”. This followed a crisis regarding their first export to Japan. Since then, CEO Park tried to decrease the error rate to 0.5%, to give satisfaction to its consumers in Korean and abroad.  





Mizon was started by very famous Korean cosmetics company employers. Through putting up their own Korean cosmetics manufacturing company, they have developed high-quality Korean beauty products. At the same time, they can satisfy their customers with its low costs. Mizon is also a customer-based brand. They try to listen to their customer’s feedback to give them the kind of attention they deserve.






Its wide array of products are well-known in Korea. Their BB creams, makeup bases, cheek stains are the top of the line and always gives amazing results. Mizon is brand that truly knows skin and beauty. 






Dr. Jart


The DR. Jart skin care line was first established in Korea in 2004. But, the brand has made it big since then and has products now available around the globe. It has various product lines that targets sensitive skin, dry skin and other skin types. The product has been certified safe to use for all of types of skin.  






The product line was created by Dr SungJae Jung. He was a Korean dermatologist who opened his dermatology clinic in 2001. In a span of three years, Dr. SungJae Jung was able to concoct the skin care line’s ingredients to target his patient’s skin care problems. In the next three years, Dr. SungJae with his businessman friend, Jin Wok Lee, founded Dr. Jart. Together, they marketed their products in dermatology clinics all over Seoul. That was in 2004, now the company has created various products that are in the international market since 2006. By the year 2008, Dr. Jart has already been certified by the USDA. This was also the year they opened up their first boutique in New York. 






Dr. Jart is very popular when it comes to BB creams. But their product line is now more extensive than ever. They have treatments for dry and flaky skin, and for acne-prone skin.  They also have a wider selection of BB creams now. The company has also ventured into, not only women’s, but men’s skin care products.







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