Sony Hye Gyo
The latest K-beauty trend “glass skin”, which means a clear, luminous, seemingly transparent skin, is going craze among all Korean cosmetics fans. Everyone dream to have “glass skin” look as the Korean pop-star Song Hye Gyo. Today, K-pop star Song Hye Gyo has revealed her skincare secrets and share with us the use of "beauty oil" in her everyday skincare routine.
The common problem that girls worry about using beauty oil is the greasiness. By choosing the right type of beauty oil and knowing how to use it properly in skincare routines, helps to avoid the problem and you will find how amazing effect is the beauty oil.


Tips 1 : Adjust the dosage of beauty oil

Beauty Oil
The amount of skincare beauty oil should be adjusted according to the skin condition. Usually, Korean experts recommend 4 to 5 drops for the whole face during the dry weather. In other seasons, you can decrease it to 2 drops. If you have a oily skin, then a drop of beauty oil is already enough for the whole face.


Tips 2 : Adjust the timing of use

For those who have oily skin type, use beauty oil only at bedtime.

Tips 3 : Oil-based beauty oil with Toner

Beauty Oil Mix with Toner
Recently, many skincare beauty oils emphasize the refreshing feeling and the hydration it gives. Beauty guru suggested that after applying the beauty oil, you can use a cotton pad with toner to pat on the face. Do not rub it, and it can take away the grease that stays on the face.

Tips 4 : Mix the beauty oil with other skin care products

Mix beauty oil with skincare products
To simplify the steps or increase the moisturizing effect of the original skin care products, blend the beauty oil with an essence or cream in a 1:2 ratio. It is best to use the same brand to avoid any untoward effects.

Tips 5 : Beauty Oil Mask

Another secret of Korean girls is to pour 5 drops of beauty oil onto the cotton pad and stick it on the forehead, cheeks or mouth corners. After 10 minutes, massage and absorb.

Tips 6 : Partial use before makeup

Use Beauy Oil Before Makeup
After applying skincare routine and before makeup, apply 1 drop of beauty oil evenly on the cheeks, chin and on areas that need highlighting. Then press the air cushion powder to create the unique “glass skin” of Korean girls.
Song Hye Gyo’s Favorite Beauty Oil Next, let's take a look at the latest crazy beauty oils of Korean girls, particularly what Song Huiqiao loves to use, the LANEIGE's Water Bank Double-Layering Oil. This skincare beauty oil so popular among the Korean girls, thanks to it’s effectiveness and reasonable price, especially it’s the K-pop star Song Huiqia’s favorite product. It is almost considered as a national skincare product!
Laneige Water Bank Double Layering Oil
This latest addition of Laneige, The Water Bank Double Layering Oil aims to achieve a refreshing moisturized effect with the "oil + water" double layer design. Korean girls use the beauty oil after applying lotion. Shake it well first to combine the layers of oil and water, together. It is recommended to apply 4 to 5 drops for the whole face. In the summertime, you may use 2 drops first, then gradually adjust the number of drops according to your skin type.
Apart from Laneige, there are many skincare beauty oil products in the markets that provides different benefits to skin and suits for different skin type. To Choose the best one for you, it's important that you know the difference between each other.

1. LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil

The LANEIGE Water Bank Double Layering Oil is one of the most effective in giving ample hydration to the skin. It contains droplets made of moisture and oil, which provides the effect of having moisturized, dewy and luminous skin.
Laneige Waterbank Double Layering Oil
It has Moisture-Roof™ technology, which pushes moisture and encases the outer layer of the skin. This technology is also responsible for the oil and moisture balance of the skin, therefore preventing it from getting dry and taut. The Hydro Ion Mineral Water was also developed to ensure abundant moisture to the skin. It acts by infusing the skin with water as it gets absorbed fast into the skin.

2. ETUDE HOUSE Glow On Base Oil Volume

ETUDE HOUSE Glow On Base Oil Volume
ETUDE HOUSE Glow On Base Oil Volume has always been mistaken as a primer, but it really is just a moisturizer containing tiny bits of gold which brightens the face and gives the skin a dewy look. After finishing your basic skincare routine and before applying makeup, apply an appropriate amount on the face in the direction of skin texture.
This beauty oil doesn't feel oily at all upon application, but it feels watery and gel-like instead. The moisture penetrates quickly through the skin. The result? A well-moisturized face with a glow. This would be perfect for people with dry skin. In fact, it’s also ideal to use as a moisturizer before applying makeup. Surprisingly, this product can still give a dewy finish despite pairing it with a matte base such as Mamonde Cover Powder Cushion and TonyMoly BCdation cushion. The skin also feels moisturized throughout the day.

3. BEYOND Himalaya Deep Moisture Serum-in-Oil

BEYOND Himalaya Deep Moisture Serum-in-Oil
BEYOND Himalaya Deep Moisture Serum-in-Oil is an anti-oxidant serum that gives skin hydration from deep within. It also has anti-wrinkle and whitening properties that help bring out the skin’s radiance and elasticity. As a result, the skin looks luminous and dewy from the inside out. The reason for this is its high concentration of moisturizing Himalayan herbs and Argan oil, which are high in antioxidants. All of these antioxidant goodness, supplies nutrients to deep within the skin and gives it a healthy glow.
4. The Face Shop The Therapy Oil-drop Anti-aging Serum


The Face Shop The Therapy Oil-drop Anti-aging Serum
The Face Shop The Therapy Oil-drop Anti-aging Serum is a rejuvenating serum that moisturizes the skin from the core. It was developed through a natural essential oil process using the oil drop technology to make skin absorption easy and improve skin condition quickly.
This Korean skincare serum is formulated with beneficial ingredients such as Oat seeds, known for their anti-inflammatory effects. It also has the ability to absorb moisture effectively for long-lasting effects. The Marigold Flowers in this serum act as an anti-oxidant as well, making skin softer and fairer. It also contains Bay Leaves that have astringent properties, and also calms and purifies sensitive skin. The Olives contained in this serum, which are rich in unsaturated fatty acids, calm skin inflammation and moisturizes the skin naturally.
The Therapy Anti-Aging Formula has undergone a two-century-old natural blending method from Le Marche, Italy. The use of oat seeds, marigold, bay leaf and olive extracts in the formula ensures to keep skin looking youthful.
Among all beauty products available in the market today, beauty oils are some of a few, that have proven their effectiveness in skincare. They have become a holy grail to many because they are mostly nutrient-based and, therefore, very good for the skin. It now plays an important role in everyone’s skincare routine because of its many benefits. Beauty oils have also become a go-to product for those who want to achieve the “glass skin “ look of Koreans that is now fast becoming a global trend. No matter what beauty oil you’re into nowadays, nobody can deny that it is now a thing of the present and will continue to be, in the future.

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