We all have been mesmerized by the dazzling beauty of Korean women. Whether it is those gorgeous K-Pop artists, stunning superstars of the Korean film industry or those doll-eyed models dominating ramps and fashion magazines - Koreans simply lead the game! The world of beauty and makeup, undoubtedly, has been revamped by these always-so-fresh-looking beauties from Korea. The ‘doll-like’ youthful and vibrant look of the country’s beauty is now a favorite of every girl around the globe and, not to miss, a trending topic of discussion in famous beauty/make-up articles and tutorials. Although our ladies are naturally blessed with fair complexion and pleasing facial features, there are ways to help them enhance and maintain this beautiful and enduring look. There are some fascinating Korean makeup techniques, trends and products highly popular in the Cosmetics and Beauty Industry. 


Korea woman with dainty features and luminous skin is a perfect specimen of evolving Makeup Trends. The beauty regime here is all about accentuating the features, at the right places and with the right amount of makeup. Some of the best Korean Cosmetics & Skin Care Products from popular beauty brands like Etude House, Natural Republic, Skin Food, Laneign, Missha, Tony Moly, Sulwhasoo, Innisfree and The Face Shop, are especially formulated to provide super matte and flawless skin with a hint of rosy cheeks and dramatic eyes. Here, we intend to take you on an interesting and informative ride with an insight into the Makeup Trends and Skin Care Routine in Korea. 




Wish To Get That Perfect Look? Here Is How You Can!


This comprehensive guide discusses about the basics of some of the most popular Korean Beauty Techniques. These makeup styles will help you get the skin that looks nourished, eyes that appear sparkling, lips that look fuller and a complexion that is as radiant as a diamond. So, sit back, relax and keep reading to know more.





For An Absolutely Beautiful & Glowing Skin!


Koreans are known to have a glowing and dewy complexion. Taking care of your skin with Q-depot skin care products is the first step towards following the Korean Skin Care Routine religiously. A handful of skin care products with uniqueness of providing flawless skin without any side effect are intended to accentuate the natural texture of the skin without giving it a greasy character. Some of the skin care products and techniques that promise to fulfill the ideals of beauty as per the Korean Makeup Regime are listed here: 



•    BB and CC Cream






BB and CC Cream have always been a popular trend when it comes to professional makeup tricks as well as everyday touchups. These one-step beauty wonders are also one of the hottest products in the Korean Daily Makeup Routine for the simple reasons of how amazing they can make one look and how easily one can apply them. These creams simply blur out all imperfections and make skin smoother, hydrated and bright. These versatile products play a vital role in setting a flawless and dewy complexion. The micro-shimmer particles present in them add an illuminating effect to the skin. And when mixed with regular highlighters, these creams offer a subtle glow for a fresh everyday-look.







But wondering, which one to choose for your skin? Here is a simple answer!


BB cream (The Blemish Balm) - If you are looking for a combination of a face moisturizer, serum, foundation, primer, and sunblock in a single product, then BB cream is what you need! It will give you a coverage along with masking all blemishes and scars as well as protecting your skin from harmful sun radiations. 


CC Cream (The Color Corrector) – CC cream focuses more on color correction along with giving you the benefits of a moisturizer, serum, primer and sunscreen. With a higher SPF, it protects your skin from harmful UVs which cause the signs of aging. CC cream also has a lighter coverage that helps in clearing age spots, wrinkles and uneven skin tone. 



•    Contouring For A V-Line Face Shape


The hottest makeup trend of 2015 is to get a V-line-shaped face -- a trend in Korea these days. An ideal face shape, ‘V-Line’ is considered a synonym of timeless beauty. Nowadays, many women across the Asian culture crave for a V-shaped face to look more attractive, beautiful and younger. A ‘must-have’ on the beauty parameters in Korea, a V-Line Shape tends to make the face appear feminine, slimmer and toned. 






Know the technique 


The 21st century version of the ‘old-school contouring’, the light contouring technique focuses on slimming down the face, tricking the eyes and enhancing the cheekbones. Contouring is all about creating a blend of light and dark areas to give a more sculpted and well-contoured appeal to the face. It is a simple play of shadows, light and facial features. In this technique, the center of the face is highlighted to bring all the attention to the facial features. Light shadowing on the edges of the face creates an optical illusion of a slimmer face.




Face Contouring in simple steps:


1. Apply primer: Moisturize your skin by applying a primer all over the face. Start from the center and keep going outwards. 


2. Apply foundation: Use a foundation for basic coverage and creating an even base. 


3. Apply concealer : Start by applying concealer under the eyes. Do the required corrections around the nostrils and chin or wherever you see any imperfection.


4. Apply highlighter: Accentuate your features by applying a highlighter. Apply it on cheekbones (avoid the under eye area), under the arch of the eyebrow, forehead, center of the nose and Cupids bow. (see Picture below "Highlighter & Contouring Color")


5. Apply contouring color: Choose a bronzer of one or two shades darker than your skin tone. Apply it on the outer edges of the chin, over the eyelids and between the highlighted areas of the nose. Now apply over the outer edges of the forehead. To contour cheekbones, apply bronzer somewhere around the center of the eye, follow the cheekbones and keep moving towards the ears. (See picture below "Highlighter & Contouring Colour")


6. Apply loose powder: For a soft mat finish, dab some loose face powder starting from the face’s center to the outward sections (avoid the highlighted areas).



Highlighter (Green) & Contouring (Blue) 



Q-depot BB and CC Creams, Toners, Skin Mists and much more from famous Korean Cosmetics brands like Etude House, Innisfree and Laneign have innovative skin smoothening formula that provides a fresh and glowing complexion. Explore such trending Skin Care Products at http://q-depot.com/skin-care and give your skin a flawless look, making it an absolute favorite canvas for mesmerizing makeup.



For A Hypnotizing Pair Of Eyes!


Eyes, being one of the most significant features of your face, deserve to be highlighted for a captivating and beautiful look. The popular makeup trends focus on giving a mesmerizing appeal to the eyes in just a few quick and easy steps. 



The ‘Straight Eyebrow’ Method






If you have those inherent Korean features with smaller slant eyes, a compliment like “Your eyebrows are on point” means the world to you? Doesn’t it? A simple straight yet thick brow with little or no arch and a thin end is what you need to get that naturally young and sweet look. So if you also crave to get that ‘straight brow’ look without much fuss, browse through Q-depot eyes make up products and get the best eyeliner, brow pencil, eye-shadow and mascara from brands like Tony Moly, Skin Food, The Face Shop and many others.



A Touch of Sparkle with Glitter Eye-shadow






A fine application of glitter eye-shadow has been a rage lately. A touch of glitter around and under the eyes will pep them just the right way. Choosing a nude shade is always preferred if you are looking for a less bling-bling look. This look can be further complemented with neon-colored eyeliner and thickly applied mascara. Many K-pop idols have been seen flaunting this look. And if also wish to emphasize your eyes like all the Korean divas, eye makeup products from brands like Missha, Natural Republic and Tony Moly are something that you must try!



The ‘Catty’ Liner Look






Now if you want to add some more elegance to your eyes, the cat-liner is a sure-shot trick. Flirtatious curves towards the ends of the eyes elongate the shape of your eyes and make them appear larger instantly. A dash of mascara on the lower lid enhances the look even more. A whole lot of impressive eyeliners and mascaras from famous cosmetics brands like Etude House, Natural Republic, Skin Food and Innisfree available at Q-depot.com will help you get this look, like a pro!


The Cute ‘Puppy’ Eyeliner






While the cat-liner look lends a dramatic sensuality to your look, the puppy-liner promises to give you a cleaner and youthful appeal. The puppy eyeliner technique, also known as ‘Ulzzang Eye Makeup’ is amongst the top Korean Makeup Trends of 2015. To create this look, you just need to extend the eyeliner downwards from the outer corner following the natural eye slope. Create a little triangle by drawing the line back towards the lowers lashes and fill it up using the liner itself or any other dark eye pencil/shadow. What you get is a pair of much cuter and rounder eyes. Master the puppy eye perfectly with the nourishing and smoothly gliding eyeliner and mascara collection from brands like Etude House, Natural Republic, Missha and The Face Shop.



The ‘Aegyo-Sal’ Technique






Puffy layer of fat under the eyes is the latest Korean Makeup trend! Known as ‘Aegyo-sal’, literally meaning “baby fat under the eye”, this technique lets you create saggy and puffy bags purposefully underneath the eyes. This method brightens up the eyes and gives you a younger and innocent look. Set this look right with the puppy liner method and a dark eye-shadow. So if you want to look like those popular K-pop stars, get this “charming fat” in a few quick and simple steps. Popular products such as the following can help you get this wonderful aegyo-sal look in just few seconds. Or simply create a faux aegyo-sal by using a light contour powder and a regular highlighter


SKINFOOD Sugar Bloom Shadow Box (No.3 Cappuccino Bloom) (1.5g) 

ETUDE HOUSE Dear Girls Cute Eyes Maker (2g)



The Longer-Lashes Look






Thicker, fuller and long eyelashes are a key element of meticulous makeup. A pair of thick and fake lashes is perfect when you want to accentuate your typically small Korean eyes in order to make them appear wider and bigger. But if you are not a fake-lashes fan and want to do it the natural way, simply opt for mascara that can add volume and length to your lashes. Apply multiple mascara coats for extra definition and bright look. Trending mascaras like the Etude House Dr. Lash Ampule Long & Volume, Missha The Style 3D Mascara and The Face Shop Face It Max Mascara promise to offer you longer and voluminous lashes quickly and easily.


The Double Eyelid Technique  






Women in Korea are naturally single-lidded, which means they do not possess creases over their lash lines. However, there are many popular cosmetic procedures that can help you create a double eyelid for an extra defined look. But for the one, who wants to get this look without expensive and painful surgeries, can for an easy makeup technique like the double eyelid trick. Simply apply a double eyelid glue or tape above the lash line and push the upper eyelid sparingly towards the tape. Let a portion of the eyelid adhere fully to the upper lid and finish off the look with an eye-shadow, mascara and liner.



The Big-Eyed Look with Circle Contact Lenses 





One of the most recent makeup trends in Korea focuses on wearing circle lenses. As per Korean beauty standards, large eyes with bigger pupils never go wrong! These cosmetic contact lenses have a larger diameter that diverts all the attention towards the much-emphasized eye area. And of course, lenses with a dash of color will give you dramatic and sparkling eyes that you have always desired for.



For Flushed & Dazzling Cheeks!






Once you are ready to conquer a few hearts with those oh-so-lovely eyes and radiant skin, the next step is to accentuate your cheek bones with a gleaming blush. Q-depot makeup & skin care products give you an impeccable and flawless skin that must be complimented with natural-looking “flush”.


A sheer stroke of pleasing color is just perfect for adding a shimmering effect to your already-glowing skin. Just dab some blusher on the apples of your cheeks and swipe it towards the front. This youthful flush will enhance your dewy complexion and will give you a fresh look. Many well-known brands like Etude House and Innisfree offer these blushers in charismatic hues ranging from rosy to orange. You can choose amongst cream blushes, cheek tints, and gels according to your skin tone at Q-depot.com face makeup products.



For Those Childhood Cherry Popsicle ‘Gradient’ Lips!


No other makeup product can add a charming femininity to your look so effortlessly than a lipstick! Doesn’t matter by what pace the makeup trends have been evolving; the youthful and fun definition that a lip color gives you is still far beyond comparison. Bold and bright lipsticks ranging from pink to orange hues have been one of the most popular Korean Makeup Trends since 2014 and still trending this year. And when it is about creating fuller lips, ‘gradient’ is the hottest trick that does it for you!


To get this look, you first have to conceal the natural pigment of the lips using a BB cream or concealer. Now apply lip tint or a matte lipstick towards the inner sides of the lips. Stay at the center and keep layering it until the desired opacity is obtained. Now pat some gloss over the outer edges as a finishing touch. Blend the lip color and gloss together to create a gorgeous gradient effect. Mix and match lip colors like pink, red, berry and orange for that dazzling doll-like look!


Summary: Although South Korea is well-known as a “Land of Surgeries”, many researchers have been involved in finding out botanicals, herbs and natural ingredients to formulate innovative cosmetics. The sole purpose is to achieve the “ulzzang” look, which means the “best face” with less visible or nude makeup. As Beauty Bloggers specialized in Best Korean Beauty Brands and Products, we go all-out to keep you posted about the standout Makeup Trends that are ruling fashion magazines and runways as well as the best beauty brands that dominate the makeup and cosmetic industry. Just infuse these Hottest Korean Makeup Trends into your everyday look and get ready to put a confident foot forward, like a gorgeous diva!




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