Admit it or not, there are times when we want to look as if we are not wearing any makeup on.  A natural nude makeup is perfect for an everyday look most especially for people who are just starting with makeup. It can also be a good makeup look to use when you’re attending events. This kind of makeup look boosts your skin complexion and gives you skin a natural glow effect.






Nowadays the nude effect makeup is getting more popular, most especially in lip colors. The Korean beauty market is filled of stuffs to choose from. You can never go wrong with Korean beauty products because they are widely known for being the best in cosmetics and skincare. So, in order for you to have some ideas on what products to purchase to create a natural nude makeup effect, we have listed up 10 best Korean Makeup products that you can try out to achieve a Natural Nude Makeup Effect!





The Banila Primer Classic



First, you need to start with a primer. You need to establish a smooth and flawless look by starting off with a primer. Apply onto the areas where coverage is needed.  For example you need to even out your pores, blemishes, redness, or unwanted spots. The Banila Prime Primer Classic blurs out the pores greatly, glides onto the skin well with its thin consistency that makes it easier to apply. It works great in controlling the oil and enables the makeup to last longer.





HERA HD Perfect Foundation



The second step is to grab a foundation that matches your skin color well. Yellow shades of foundation would be great in achieving a natural nude makeup. Apply an appropriate amount of HERA HD Perfect Foundation onto your skin and it will give a perfect coverage yet when applied it doesn’t feel heavy and sticky. It has a nice semi matte finish with a visible glow that makes your skin look natural and healthy.





Etude House Big Cover Tip Concealer




Next is to apply concealer! You don’t want your eye bags or unwanted spots to look visible right? If you do not have anymore to cover then skip this part, but for people who need to cover more of their unwanted spots concealer may be a need. Since we are achieving for a natural nude makeup look, we need to make our skin look flawless. This concealer from Etude House is a must have if you are looking for a high coverage concealer. It does not just cover your blemishes, unwanted spots but it also helps in brightening the dark under eye circles without making your skin look cakey. It has a moisturizing property that doesn’t leave the skin dry or patchy.





VDL Expert Color for Eyes #1


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Let’s go the eye makeup! For this makeup look, we will be using warm shades of eyeshadows to create a nude eye makeup. The VDL Expert Color for Eyes in #1 has a great set of warm colors that perfectly creates a nude effect. On the first step we will be using is the third shadow in the palette, it will act as your base shadow then apply the lighter one which is the second shadow onto your crease to create a lighter effect to the eyes.  You have to blend well to achieve a perfect combination. Next you will be using the fourth shadow on your outer lids and blend it to create a nicely gradient and nude effect. It is very easy to do and the eyeshadow palette from VDL is complete with warm shades that you need. They are all nicely pigmented and last long on the lids.






Holika Holika Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow 02 Dark Brown





Going onto the brows, you need to know that your brows are one of the most important parts of your face that needs to be filled. You must use a product like the Wonder Drawing 24hr Auto Eyebrow as it that will help you to create a defined and well groomed brows, perfect for the natural nude makeup effect. It has a great pigmentation and enables your brows to stay put and last long all day.





IOPE Perfect Drawing Gel Liner  No. 1 Intense Black




Apply an eyeliner to create a natural eye makeup. We recommend you to use gel liners as you need to tight line, so that it will look natural and fine. Do not create winged eyeliner as we are creating a subtle look. Your eye makeup should not look heavy as possible. We picked this gel liner from IOPE as it has a very creamy texture that glides easily onto your lids without irritation. It is long lasting and has a great waterproof effect.





Innisfree No Sebum Blur Pact




Grab your powder and finish up your makeup with a mattifying powder. The No Sebum Mineral Powder Pact from Innisfree is a perfect product to finish up your entire makeup look. It gives the skin the skin a flawless and smooth finish without the skin looking cakey.





The Face Shop FACE It Lesson 4 Artist Cube Highlighter




Applying a highlighter will give your face a nice natural glow that perfectly matches the nude effect makeup look. This highlighter from The Face Shop is a great Korean makeup that gives a pigmented and a healthy glow to the face. You can use this highlighter to highlight your brow bone, your cheeks, and noseline for a more defined look.





HERA Face Designing Blusher No. 4 Dusty Mauve



Next step, don’t forget to apply blusher. We recommend this gorgeous mauve blusher color from HERA that gives a subtle color to prevent the face from looking too dull or blank. You want to make your face still look gorgeous even when you’re achieving for a nude makeup effect. This blusher will make the color natural on your cheeks.





MISSHA The Style Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon Nude Peach





To wrap up everything, a perfect nude peach lip color will definitely match this makeup look. The Long Wear Cushion Lip Crayon from Missha in Nude Peach is perfect to use as it gives a pigmented and matte finish to the lips, making it look natural and plump.



Now you’re done! Achieving a natural nude makeup effect is not that hard! It is very easy to do most especially when you have the necessary makeup items with you. Everything listed above is available on Q-depot so you will not have hard time on finding all of them!



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