There are many different cosmetics products, but some of the best are made by Korean brands. Asian makeup has a host of good qualities that it brings to the table, and in this article, we will discuss some of the top Asian makeup cosmetic products so that you will know the best way to get a taste of the best Korean beauty secrets. Some of the best brands in Asian makeup include Etude House, FaceShop, Innisfree, Nature Republic, TonyMoly, and Missha.  





Korean skincare is known for its innovation among makeup brands on a global scale, and the beauty brands below are well known for their rapid rise in the world wide cosmetics market, as well as extremely fast growth and producing some of the most popular products. By getting to know these Korean makeup brands, you will have a first look at the most current makeup trend, as well as a host of natural makeup options. 



Etude House Korea – Make your Fantasy Real


The goal of this Asian makeup brand is to make every woman realize her fantasy of being a beautiful princess. Etude Korea literally means ‘beautiful study of Chopin’ in French, and Etude House is able to boast being the first makeup trend in Korea. The vision of this Korean cosmetics brand is to make the process of shopping for; understanding and applying makeup more like a fun adventure, or like dress up, rather than like a daily routine or a chore. Women are given a wide variety of beauty products to choose from, which offer good quality, many different colors, and a beautiful packaging design, in order to make every woman who uses these Korean beauty products feel like a princess. 



Best Asian Makeup Brand Etude House-Princess



Etude House Korea was first established in December of 1985, and by 1990, it was merged into the band Amore Pacific. Next, in May 1996, the trademark Color Lab was established, and in October 2011, the name of the company was changed to Etude Corporation. Previously, in November 1998, Etude House Korea was awarded one million dollars on the 35th International Trade Day of Korea. Later, in 2003, it was awarded five million dollars in the 40th International Trade Day of Korea, and its first Sweet Dream store was opened in August of 2005. 


In April 2006, eSpoir was bought by the Etude Company and it went on to open its 100th store one year later. This Korean beauty brand came victorious once again at the 44th International Trade Day of Korea in 2007 and won ten million dollars. A year later, Etude House won the second prize in the Web Award Korea competition, as well as the Korea Package Design Award, for its innovative styles in package designing. 


Throughout the year 2009, Etude House Korea expanded its reign to the international level, launching stores in Taiwan, the Philippines and Singapore, meanwhile winning two more awards from Web Award Korea, for the Etude Website, and their Moistful Collagen Cream product. In 2010, the Korean beauty brand won the Korea First Brand Award’s first prize, launched their mobile apple, called Etude X 2NE1, and opened stores in Brunai and Myanmar. In 2010, the 100th international store was open in Thailand, and at the start of 2011, Etude House launched their mobile website as well as their mobile shopping mall. 






Later in the same year, the Etude Play and Beauty Book mobile apps were both launched, and the company won the Good Design award for the Handsup Deodorant and opened stores in both Hong Kong and Japan. Most recently, in 2014, Etude House has opened its first Global Flagship Store in Shanghai, China. 


Etude House Korea features many celebrity ambassadors. The most recent “Etude Girls’ as they are called are Sully and Crystal of Korean Idol. They have also used the girl group 2NE1, and entertainer Sandara Park as brand ambassadors. Women are not the only celebrities used to represent the band, as the boy band Shinee has also represented Etude House, a well as Seung-Ho Yu and many others. 


One of the most popular cosmetic products developed by this Korean makeup brand is the AC Clinic intense Red Spot Balm which is a skin healing balm that whitens the skin and removes blemishes. It is fortified with products that will treat your skin, but prevent it from drying out. It cures skin issues from within, while moisturizing and has a light texture which makes it easy to absorb by the skin and prevents it from looking greasy after applied. Etude House Korea products can be found at a great price on the Korean skincare website,



The FaceShop Korea– Natural products for Natural Makeup


This Asian makeup brand from Korea, founded in December 2003, opened its first store in Korea. By less than a year later, it had opened one hundred stores in the country and was able to enter the international market, opening stores in Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia and other countries. By December 2004, this Korean beauty brand was able to open their online shopping mall. In May 2005, The FaceShop Korea became the first Asian makeup brand to enter the DFS market, and by December of the same year, it became known for generating the biggest sales revenue in its own shop market, and the third biggest in the entire cosmetics industry. 


By 2006, the FaceShop Korea was able to have opened over one hundred stores worldwide, including one in China and another in the United States and by March 2008, its flagship store was opened in Beijing, China. In February 2011, this Asian makeup brand launched their Smim line, which is the first naturally fermented skin care line. It moved on to go on an Asian makeup tour and by last year, it had over 2.300 stores in 29 countries across the globe. 

Faceshop’s  Korea vision is to be a beauty brand that uses natural products to create the best in natural makeup. It helps its consumers to rediscover their natural health and beauty and believes wholeheartedly that any impurities or imbalances in the skin are simply caused by a distance from nature and naturally made products.







Innisfree Korea – A great Combination of Nature and Beauty


Innisfree is a Korean makeup brand that aims to combine nature and beauty, and believes that the two can exist harmoniously. This beauty brand from Korea is keen on using natural ingredients from the island of Jeju and promotes green practices which are not harmful to the ecosystem and allow for beauty, while preserving the natural balance of our environment. 






Hence, this Korean beauty brand only uses ecologically friendly containers and pure and natural ingredients. Innisfree Korea makes five promises to consumers. These include, but are not limited to using natural and reliable ingredients, practicing “eco-friendly green life’ and capturing the essences of nature to share ‘sensuous experiences’ with consumers. 


Innisfree Korea was started in 2000 and arrived on the scene as the very first natural makeup brand in Korea and by 2003 showed their commitment to this name by starting their Bottle Recycling Campaign. In 2005, they opened their first free standing store, and with a year launched their Olive Line and sold 10,000 units within a week. In 2007, the 100th Innisfree store was opened and their Wine Peeling Softener soared to the top of Korean skincare and makeup trend as a hit item. One year later, this Asian makeup brand opened its online shopping mall, and by 2009, they began sponsoring the Olle Trail in Jeju. 






One of this Korean beauty brand’s best selling products is their Air Skin Fit BB Cream, which has an SPF of 35. It promises to give you glowing, clear skin using organic materials which nurture the skin and promote softness and smoothness. Although produced using all natural ingredients, this Korean BB cream will be able to conceal any unsightly blemishes in order for you attain a flawless finish on your skin. This BB Cream and many other popular products from Innisfree Korea can also be found at .



Tony Moly Korea – Trend Included


The name Tony Moly is a name which compounds the words “Tony”, which means trendy, and “Moly”, which means included, in Japanese. One of the most innovative Asian makeup brands, TonyMoly Korea uses the colors black, white and gray in order to signify its simplicity and its goal of catering to the young urban scene. It is considered to be the holistic cosmetics brand for women all over the world and gives women a complete solution for skincare and makeup needs, bring the best Korean beauty secrets to the forefront. This Korean beauty brand caters its beauty product, specifically, to women who have a chic lifestyle. The beauty brand’s slogan is “Total Skin Revolution”.






Just like Etude House Korea, Tony Moly Korea uses pop stars in order to promote their beauty products. One of the faces of this Korean beauty brand is Kim Hyuna, who is a popular South Korean artist, dancer and model. She is one of the members of the Korean girl group called 4Minute. The Asian makeup brand is also represented by the South Korean idol group, B1A4. The group consists of five members, Gongchan, Jinyoung, Sandeul, Shinwoo and Baro. Their debut single was “O.K”, which was released in 2011 and since then, they have released two albums, five EPs and several singles in South Korea. 



Missha Korea - Quality Before Quantity


Missha Korea started out selling its beauty products through the website, which was founded in 2000. The company strives to improve by communicating with their customers and meeting their needs. They use the internet in order to develop a closer relationship with customers, while at the same time reducing the distribution chain. This Asian makeup brand can be categorized as a pro consumer brand which is founded on the suggestions and criticisms of their consumers, which number over one million. Missha Korean also aims to changes views about makeup.






Missha Korea does not believe that cosmetics need to be overly expensive in order to prove that they are reliable and appear more appealing to the consumer. Rather, they realize that makeup is an everyday necessity for customers, and thus they should be high quality while remaining relatively inexpensive. Thus, this Asian makeup brand serves customers to this end by not focusing too much on fancy packaging, but rather in the contents of their cosmetics and skincare products. For Missha Korea, the customer is always the first priority, as it is the customer who built the brand from the ground up, so to speak. 


This Asian makeup brand’s basic ideology is founded on four main points: quality before quantity, customer service, customer profitability, and social responsibility. As far as quality before quantity is concerned, the beauty brand uses advanced technology in order to extract the essential ingredients from plants, which are used to create the best makeup products and skincare products at the lowest possible prices. This point also echoes the belief of this Asian makeup brand that content, and what is on the inside is what really matters. 


This Asian makeup brand is still based heavily upon customer services, in that they are open to the public and accept suggestions without discrimination at any time from their customers. In order to make sure that the customer gets the most out of their beauty products, Missha Korea has minimized their distribution chain in order to maintain their low price policy and finally, the Korean cosmetics brand show their social responsibility by helping others using their profits as well as promoting recycling. 




One of the favorite skincare products of its consumers, Missha’s Aloe Cleansing Foam is a great product which cleans the skin without irritating it. It contains fermented plant ingredients and is a rich lather which is applied on the skin in order to eradicate dirt and other impurities, as well as promote health skin. This Korean cosmetic is great for any skin type, and can be found on along with many other products by Missha Korea. 


In conclusion, there are many wonderful Korean makeup brands to choose from when it comes to Asian makeup. The Asian makeup brands discussed in this article are the best in their field and each of them specializes in bringing something very unique to the table, with which to give the customer the best Korean cosmetics product and cater to a specific type of consumer. Go to the best Korean cosmetic online shop, you will find all these best Korean brands and easily be able to familiarize yourself with the world of Korean skin care and make a decision about which products and Asian makeup brands may be the best for you to try in order to keep up Korean beauty secrets.  




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