Mixim Potion became renowned globally for their effective hair care products in a very short span of time. Their products are not only effective but also very gentle on the skin and hair. In this article we will discuss the unique features of Mixim, how it was developed and how you can access it in wholesale at Q-depot

Mixim Wholesale

The Three Experts - Key Collaborators 

Mixim is no ordinary brand. It was made by collaboration of three well-known experts in dermatology, hairdressing and pharmaceutical science. This resulted in the production of unique products that combine organic ingredients with beauty serum components like raw keratin. 

1- Dermatologist - Mina Yamada

She is the Director of Yotsuya Sanchome Dermatology Clinic and contributed in co-developing whole body oil.  She believes that the skin and scalp are closely connected and the health of your scalp  directly influences your hairs. She uses this philosophy to help Mixim create unique and most effective hair care products. 

2- Hairdresser - Soichiro Uchida

He is the representative of the top salon "LECO" in Aoyama, Tokyo and co-developed system repair recipe to different hair types. He believes that hair concerns change with every new season of the year. So, he is an expert in changing application sequences to meet your treatment needs and personal preferences. 

3- Pharmacist - Sana Nagakura 

She possesses an extensive knowledge of pharmaceutical science and contributed to the development of the unique formula used in Mixim Potion. She helped conduct over 100 compound test to blend organic ingredients and raw keratin in a unique, ultra effective ratio. 

Why Mixim? 

Mixim has you covered in every way for your hair care needs. From damage repair solutions to scalp massage oils, it has everything you may need to look at your best. Mixim prioritises effectiveness and quality by integrating advanced technologies to repair and nourish your hairs. Many users of their products have reported satisfactory results in improving their hair health and overall appearance.

Mixim Wholesale at Q-depot

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