Indonesian Customs is one of the most difficult in the region and costly as well. We are always on a hunt to find the best and cheapest ways to ship to Indonesia including customs handling with door-to-door delivery. Here we are with a new way to ship via air, door-to-door including customs handling with the cheapest possible shipping fee. 



Shipping by Air


The Process 

- We ship your goods to our forwarder in Korea

- We provide you forwarder WhatsApp and you coordinate with them directly. 

- Goods are shipped from Korea to Indonesia, Jakarta (4-6 days delivery time)

- From Jakarta, goods are delivered all over Indonesia with the local courier company (Sentral Cargo)



Shipping Fee

- Korea to Indonesia - 230,000 Rp/kg  (Rupiah per kg) - Pay direct to the forwarder in Indonesia in Rp when goods arrive in Jakarta. 

- Delivery out of Jakarta - Using Sentral Cargo, estimate shipping on their website here.




  • The Local delivery fee you pay to Q-depot and Shipping Fee from Korea to Indo, you pay directly to forwarder account in Indonesia in Rp. 
  • There is no minimum weight requirement by air. 
  • Given delivery time 4-6 is from Korea to Jakarta, delivery time to other cities will be on top.



Shipping by Sea


The Process:

Process is same as above for shipping by air. 


Shipping Fee:

- 14,500,000 IDR rupiah/CBM [Roughly 15,990 IDR/kg]

- Delivery time is 30-45 days

- Minimum Weight = 1 CBM

The above shipping fee is reported by the forwarder on Nov 17, 2020, and the fee could change in the future without prior notice due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis. We are proud to mention that we offer the highest number of Korean cosmetic brands, 250+ with the lowest wholesale prices including customs handling to Indonesia. Some of the very rare brands are also available. If you have any concerns or questions, please contact us anytime.