Korea Eundan Vitamin C 100 Pills are now available for wholesale at Q-depot. The product is developed by Korea Eundan based on Philosophy of "Improving people's health through our know-how of 70 years". 


Korea Eudan is around for the last 70 years with a lot of experience and know-how about human health and how to improve it. The president of this pharmacy is chairman, the late Cho Gyu-cheol, the founder of Korea Eundan. Cho Gyu-cheol decided to use eundan as a business item as he had noticed that it removes the impurities from the body and helps to enhance the circulation of blood. As a result, he established a company with the philosophy of making high-quality eundan accessible to everyone at low prices.


Korean Eundan wholesale


Product main ingredients are Vitamin C and Vitamin D. Below is the product composition. 


Korean Eundan Vitamin C contents


One box contains 720 pills [12 packets * 60pills] and box quantity is 8 boxes. 


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