LBC air shipping services from Korea to the Philippines resumed now since it was closed due to the on-going Covid-19 crisis. Below are the complete details for the shipping services with LBC Air. 



How does it work?

Step 1: Place order with Q-depot 

Step 2: We prepare goods and send you the final invoice for the final payment.

Step 3: Once the final payment is settled, we send your goods to LBC Korea warehouse [local delivery charges apply]

Step 4: LBC Contact you to pay shipping fee + tax. 

Step 5: Goods are shipped from Korea to your address. 


How much does it cost?

Below is the shipping cost provided by LBC on June 17, 2020 (subject to change without prior notice)


LBC Air rates 2020



What about customs handling and fee?

There is a 10-15% customs fee on top of the shipping fee mentioned above. LBC will help you to handle customs and you will have to pay a customs fee to them along with the shipping fee. Since it's all handled by LBC, there is no guarantee from Q-depot. For any issue, you have to coordinate with LBC directly 

If you are not in a rush, we suggest you ship with LBC Jumbo box via sea which takes 2 weeks+ but it's very cheap and shipping fee includes customs handling. More details can be found here.