There is no doubt about Filipino addiction to Korean cosmetics which opens the doors of opportunities for many to be a reseller/distributor of Korean cosmetics online or even offline. Probably that's the reason you are reading this article as well. 


Being a distributor/reseller of Korean cosmetics in the Philippines comes with a lot of challenges ranging from finding a trustable wholesaler, making overseas payments, dealing with customs, etc. which surely spins your mind and most of the people will give up after facing all these difficulties but you won't, as you are the lucky one to be at the right place.  


Here we will discuss the problems you could face while buying Korean cosmetics at wholesale from the Philippines and their solutions. After reading this article, you will believe that being a distributor/reseller of Korean cosmetics is far easier than you ever thought. 



1. Finding Trustable Supplier

Since the market is flooded with fake products it's always a challenge to find a trustable wholesale supplier of Korean cosmetics who can supply you with authentic and fresh products. 

Q-depot is a globally recognized Korean cosmetics wholesale supplier for the last 6 years. Handling 180+ brands and shipping to over 100 countries, we earned the highest level of customers' trust which is reflected by the highest rating we achieved on Facebook, Google, and ResellerRatings. We recommend to head over to these platforms and read what our customers say about us. 

We offer 100% authentic products directly from Korea and we are probably the only wholesaler of Korean cosmetics that guarantee the freshness of all our products. If ever you find a product older than 5 to 8 months, we will refund it. 



2. Making Overseas Payment, A Painful Process 

Since you decided to buy from a Korean cosmetics wholesaler based in Korea as they offer far better prices than the local distributors in the Philippines which will markup their profits on top. Surely, it's a wise decision to pass this extra layer and buy directly from Korean local wholesalers to get rock bottom prices. 

Making payment to these suppliers in Korea would be a really painful process that many don't even understand. On top, there will be an overseas payment transfer, TT cost which could be as much as USD 40 or PHP 2000 to eat up your margins. 

With Q-depot, you don't need to make any overseas payment as we have a local BDO Bank account where you can pay us either in PHP or USD. Making payment to BDO will not only save your money but also hassle and time as well and your order will be processed and shipped much faster. 

Now isn't it super easy to buy Korean cosmetics at wholesale? 



3. Customs Handling, A Real Pain

Last but not least, Philippines customs is a real painful thing which you have to face while buying Korean cosmetics at wholesale and there is nothing much you can do. Not only you have to pay hefty customs fees and taxes but you will be asked to bring up many documents such as MSDS etc. which almost none of the wholesalers can provide you. Not mentioning the time and hassle you have to face while going back and forth in the process. 

Q-depot has the solution. We will handle customs for you and goods will be delivered right at your doorstep without you being even stepping out of your home or office. And the best part is, you don't have to pay any customs fee or taxes, just pay the shipping fee and leave the rest to us. 

Surely, there will be a sign of ease, comfort, and cheers on your face right now because buying Korean cosmetics at wholesale in the Philippines is made by Q-depot as easy as 1, 2, 3. So what are you waiting for, contact us and place your first order? 

We assure the lowest wholesale prices for 180+ brands, most brands handled by any Korean cosmetics wholesale supplier. On top, you will get top-notch customer support to make the whole thing super easy, fast and smooth. Let's start Kbeauty Wholesale Business!