K-pop wave has reached Myanmar years ago and Korean cosmetics are super popular these days. There is a great opportunity to buy Korean cosmetics at wholesale and resell to the local K-beauty enthusiasts, but the biggest challenge is to deal with local customs and hefty taxes. But not anymore!

Shipping Fee Including Customs:

Fee: 10.99$/kg door-to-door including customs tax and duties

Minimum: 10kg 

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The Korean cosmetics market in Myanmar is expected to experience significant growth in the coming years, as more and more consumers in the country become aware of the quality and benefits of Korean beauty products. Given that, there is a great opportunity to buy Korean cosmetics at wholesale and resell in Myanmar to cash out from this growing trend. 

Korean cosmetics are seen as innovative and high-quality, and their popularity has been boosted by the widespread popularity of K-pop and Korean dramas, which often feature characters using Korean cosmetics. This exposure has helped to create a strong cultural connection between Korean cosmetics and beauty in the minds of many Myanmar consumers.

In recent years, Korean cosmetics brands have been making significant investments in Myanmar to tap into this growing market. This includes setting up physical stores and online marketplaces, as well as increasing marketing efforts to reach more consumers.

As the market continues to grow, it creates more opportunities for businesses to import and resell Korean cosmetics in Myanmar. Q-depot is right here to support your next venture and help you capitalize on this opportunity. If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact us as soon as possible.