We have made some improvements and changes to our wholesale page to give you better, smoother and efficient Korean cosmetics wholesale shopping experience. Following major changes took place on our wholesale page:

1. Mandatory Login 

Now you must login to a wholesale account in order to be able to see wholesale rates and download order sheets. If you are not logged in, you will not have access to rates and order sheets. In case you don't have a wholesale account, please sign up for one. Note: existing retail accounts will not have access as well. You must have or sign up a wholesale account. 

2. Rates For Orders Up to $20,000

Once you have logged in to your wholesale account, you will have access to supply rates for orders up to $20,000+. You don't need to contact us each time to get better rates for orders $5000+. It will speed up your decision making process by saving time to request and wait for getting the custom quote. 


Please share your feedback about these changes. If you face any complication or problem, please contact us.