Chapped lips are annoying that every girl hate, even boys. Your favorite lip product cannot go smoothly on to your lips because of this problem. Sometimes, you get too much addicted biting your chapped lips because you want to remove the irritating flakes onto your lips. The feeling is as annoying as it is. The truth is our lip is the thinnest skin of our body. But, how to get rid of chapped lips? We have listed some of the reasons why are you suffering from chapped lips:



Why Are Lips Chapped?











It can be because of the intense heat or cold winds in your country. Your lips can become dry when they are consistently exposed to extreme heat or cold. The lips have the tendency to become chapped and flaky because of the varying weather.



Using matte lipstick without exfoliating the lips








To those girls who love to use matte lipstick frequently, the lips can become dry and flaky when not properly taken care of. It is very important to have lips with the dead skin cells removed so that you can expect a smooth and a nice lip look finish. You cannot do it with chapped lips because it will only look not presentable and messy.




Ingredients in your lip products can irritate you


There will be always a product that will not suit our skin. You are expecting that when you use this certain kind of product, your chapped lips will heal faster. But then your expectation fails, because you didn’t know that you are allergic to this kind of ingredients, which leads to more trouble, leaving your lips extremely dry and flaky. Be careful in choosing a lip balm, make sure to find out if you are allergic to fragranced lip balm or not. Or some cases, people are likely to be allergic or irritated on these kind of ingredients; capsicum (pepper), menthol, menthoxypropanediol, ginger, or mint oils. Niacin or Vitamin B2 and B6 deficiencies can also be the cause of the persistent cracks and flakes on to your lips.






Do you think that becoming dehydrated only affects our body and skin? By not drinking a proper amount of water everyday can also bring you chapped lips. When you are dehydrated the impact will first show to your lips.




Continuous licking and biting of lips







It will only make things worse than you would know. You think that when you lick and bite your chapped lips, it will ease out the dryness? No. The short term solution that you imagined will not beat the long term solution that you should offer to your chapped lips. Some people have made this as a habit that is hard to be removed. But the fact is when our saliva evaporates, and you continuously repeat the process of licking and biting of your lips, it will only leave your lips more dry and flaky in texture.




Lack of lip care/Improper lip care


Some people tends to be lazy or not to care about how to take care of chapped lips. Even when their lips are suffering due to the extreme dryness, they lack of care to their lips. Or somehow, they may be unaware on how to take care of chapped lips. But whatever is their reason, people may do it wrong. It is very important to take care of our lips just as we take care of our skin. Improper Lip Care or Lack of Lip Care can be when we are applying the wrong product that our lips doesn’t need, or a product that irritates our lips, or it can be when we do not protect our lips from the harmful rays of the sun.



What Are The Home Remedies For Chapped Lips?



There will always be a solution that you can try out in your own home, if you want to save your money, home remedies are the best!  Here are some of the best home remedies that you should try out to ease your chapped lips.




Use sugar and honey







One of the convenient and easy to find alternatives is sugar. Sugar is one of the effective natural exfoliator. Mixing sugar with honey will be a great bomb to heal up your chapped lips. Just gently rub the mixed sugar and honey around your lips for minutes and gently wash it up with lukewarm water.




Petroleum Jelly


This is one of the products that will always be available at home. It is very helpful in repairing chapped lips. Petroleum Jelly gives a great solution to the chapped lips as it moisturizes the lips, it may feel a little greasy but it is very effective in healing chapped lips.




Natural Oils


You can try out oils like Coconut Oil, Mustard Oil, Olive Oil, Castor Oil, and Jojoba Oil. These will help the lips to stay moist and hydrated.







Exfoliate your chapped lips using your tooth brush



This is one of the effective ways on how to heal your chapped lips. After you finished on cleaning your teeth, you may head out on this kind of tip. Do this tip like how you brush your teeth. Brush your lips gently for 3-5 minutes. After that you will feel a great feeling of having your lips exfoliated. It doesn’t end in brushing your lips, of course you have to apply a lip balm after you brushed your lips. It is very important to apply a lip balm after you exfoliated. If you didn’t do that, everything will be useless. You only exfoliated but did not give any treatment to make your chapped lips heal faster.








What Korean Skin Care Products Are Best For Chapped Lips?



Korean products are one of the best skincare and cosmetic products that you can find in the market. They offer a great variety of products that aids to different skin problem and types that always comes with cute and innovative packaging! Korean skincare products brings out the great and high quality lip products that will cater the problem of chapped lips.



We have listed some of the Korean Products that you can try out to help your chapped lips to start recovering:




Skinfood Avocado Lip Balm







Avocado contains tons of benefits not only to the skin but also to the lips. It gives a moisturizing and healthy benefit to the lips. This Avocado Lip Balm from Skinfood is inspired by the nutritious fruit Avocado. Your lips will stay pampered and hydrated all day long, and most especially it will help the chapped lips to regain its glowing and soft texture. This Korean skincare product is now at a bargain of $8.29 from  




NoTS Lip Repairing Balm







The Lip Repairing Balm from NoTS contains essential oils and natural ingredients that is proven to be effective in healing chapped lips. It is also free from paraben and other harmful chemicals that is one of the things that every person who have chapped lips must consider. It is very important to have a product that aims to repair and at the same time takes care of the chapped lips like this Korean product from NoTS. You can be sure of a good result upon using this product regularly. NoTS lip balm is available from at special price $13.43.



VDL Beauty Moisturizer Ex Lip Balm







Heal your chapped lips with this product from VDL. It is made of organic and healthy ingredients that are Shea Butter and Prune Oil that is very beneficial to the chapped lips. Natural and organic products are always the best to use onto our skin, and also into our lips. The Beauty Moisturizer Ex Lip Balm ($16.17) has a great function in maintaining the lips hydrated all day and also transforms the chapped lips into soft and healthy looking lips.





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