People who have sensitive skin are frustrating as it causes money, time, and effort to invest in high quality skincare products. So now, we have listed some of the tips that you should know and recommend you the best Korean skincare with budget price to take care of your sensitive skin properly.



How Shall You Take Care of Your Sensitive Skin?



Water with Lemon improve sensitive skin


It is proven that lemon brings an incredible health and beauty benefits. By drinking water with lemon regularly, your body will experience the following: detoxify, helps you to have a smooth digestion, cleanses the dirt into your blood, lessens bloating and most especially, it improves your skin complexion inside and out. Eventually, it enhance the health of your skin and make your skin less sensitive.






Use natural makeup products


There is a higher chance that applying makeup frequently can increase irritations and breakouts on your sensitive skin. Most especially when you are not too careful on examining every makeup product that touches your face, same as when you’re carefully choosing the right skincare product for your sensitive skin, so does your makeup products. Even when you’re exposed to pollution in air or dust some of these can cause irritation on the sensitive skin.





Some makeup products have chemicals that can bother or trigger the sensitive skin. If you can, try to lessen your application of makeup or much better use natural makeup products so that you can prevent your skin from irritations and allergic reactions. You can always try Korean products because they almost have natural makeup products that are made of natural ingredients which are good and beneficial for your skin. Another possible cause of irritations is using makeup products that were used by many people. Avoid sharing your makeup brushes, sponges, puffs to other people so that you can prevent possible transfer of bacteria, allergies and breakouts.



What You Shall Be Aware When You Choose Skincare Products For Sensitive Skin?






It is much better to be informed than to know nothing at all. When you know the ingredients/chemicals that triggers your sensitive skin, then you will become careful and equipped on what steps should you do to take care of your sensitive skin. Take note of some of the potential ingredients/chemicals that can cause allergic reactions into your skin. For example Fragrance, it is known as one of culprit that can irritate the skin, as well as benzoyl peroxide, retinols, sodium lauryl sulfate, petrochemicals, coloring agents and alcohol. You can also try out products that have hypoallergenic labels.



Suggested Korean Beauty Products For Sensitive Skin


Here are some of the Korean skincare products that you can check out and consider for your sensitive skin needs.



Korean Cleansing Products For Sensitive Skin


It is really necessary to find a cleanser that will suit your sensitive skin. This product from Innisfree The Minimum Cleansing Lotion ($14.99) and LANEIGE Oil free Cleansing Liquid ($35.48) is specially made for people who have sensitive skin. They are proven to be gentle to the skin and at the same time they deeply cleanse and remove unwanted dirt.





Korean Peeling Products For Sensitive Skin


Exfoliating is an essential regimen in skincare. But for people who have sensitive skin, it can be challenging for them to find a product that will give a gentle but effective effect for their sensitive skin. Aloe is one of the popular plants that provide wonderful benefits to the skin. The Tony Moly Peeling Me Aloe Soothing Peeling Gel ($18.99) gives an amazing exfoliating experience to the sensitive skin. It deeply moisturizes the sensitive skin, soothes, hydrates and deeply cleanses.






Korean Toner For Sensitive Skin


The Minimum Toner from Innisfree ($13.99) is reasonably priced and is specially targeted for people who have sensitive skin. It is made of natural ingredients and extracts that help to take care and deeply nourish the sensitive skin. This toner from Innisfree comes in a dual purpose. Number one it can be a toner, and second it can be also used as a mist so whenever your sensitive skin feels dry or itchy you can always spray it anytime and everywhere you are.








Another great toner that you should try for your sensitive skin is the Power Essential Skin Refiner from Laneige (29.99). This toner is made of Hyacinth and Seaweed extracts that deeply removes the dirt and dead skin cells onto the skin, providing a smooth and healthy complexion.



Korean Lotion/Emulsion/Cream For Sensitive Skin


It is important that sensitive skin must stay moisturized all the time. The sensitive skin needs intensive moisturizing product that will deeply nourish the skin deep within. Lotions, emulsion, cream is a necessary skincare routine for sensitive skin type.


The Skin & Good Cera Super Cream from Holika Holika ($28.52) is made for people who have sensitive skin as it contains moisturizing ingredients that assures your skin to stay moisturized up to 72 hours. It has a creamy rich texture that is very gentle and soothing to the skin.





Whether your skin type is sensitive or not it is much better to use products that is made of natural ingredients because it gives tons of benefits and nutrition that your skin needs. It assures that your skin will be in a perfect condition because there is no harmful chemical attached onto it. The Minimum Moist Cream from Innisfree ($14.53)  is made for people who have sensitive skin as it is made from natural ingredients and it contains natural healthy extracts that is very helpful to maintain the healthy state of the skin.




Korean Essence /Serum/Ampoule For Sensitive Skin


For people who have sensitive skin, adding Serum to your skincare routine is a must. The reason behind why using Serum is important to the sensitive skin is because the skin tends to be sensitive due to the weak immune system of the skin or in times it can become dehydrated or the skin cells may be broken. That’s why using serum will improve and help the sensitive skin to keep it healthy. Serum will help you repair your unhealthy skin cells deeply and also to enhance the power of your skin to lock the water or nutrients because the sensitive skin cannot effectively lock the water and nutrients to the skin.


These are some recommended serum for sensitive skin:


The Innisfree Minimum Ampoule Essence ($14.53) is a Korean skincare product for people who have sensitive skin and aims to clear up blemishes, unwanted spots and wrinkles. It is made of natural and healthy ingredients that are good for the sensitive skin.



korean-cosmetics-the-saem-essential triplus-hydrating-ampoule-sensitive-skincare


For people who have sensitive, dull, dry and rough skin this Essential Triplus Hydrating Ampoule from TheSAEM ($33.99) is the right serum for you. It is made of natural oils and hyaluronic acid that supplies deep moisture and solution for the skin problems. It is a very good product for sensitive skin as it doesn’t contain any additives and it is very gentle when applied.



Korean Sunscreen For Sensitive Skin







As mentioned above, sunscreen is very important regardless of your skin type. The Etude House Sunprise Mom and Kids ($16.89) is a must have product because it is suitable for any ages, not only that it gives a protection of SPF35PA+++ but it is also labeled as hypoallergenic that is great for every skin type, most especially for people who have sensitive skin.


The Innisfree Minimum Sun Cream from Innisfree (14.99) is a light weight sun cream that is suitable for all skin types, specifically to people who have sensitive skin. It has SPF25PA+++ and it is made of natural ingredients that will be very useful to people with sensitive skin.


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