Korea is known, not only for its history, culture, technology and sites, but also for its cosmetic brands. In fact, these brands are now making waves in the mainstream market and people are getting more and more interested with these brands. But, because of the language barrier, not all consumers know much about them. So, here is a little overview of these Korean cosmetic brands, how they came to be and their philosophy in beauty.  




Hera is a premium Korean beauty brand under the AmorePacific Corporation. It has since become the leader in K-Beauty, and has attracted millions of women around the world. It channels its uniqueness through its beauty muse, the SEOULISTA. The name embodies a Korean woman, who is confident in her own skin, dignified, passionate and beautiful. SEOULISTA, represents the future and a new era of beauty that inspires Hera, to be nothing else, but the best.  



Hera Seoulista



In Mizium, is where the Hera brand all started. It was in 1995, that Hera was founded after 30 years of extensive research on cells and bioactive substances. Since its inception, the brand has already envisioned changes in beauty technology. And, with its innovative cell science, it has brought about many changes that helps further their study of the skin.






The Cell-Bio Technology of Hera, works by stimulating the ingredients that are similar to the skin for it to be better metabolized. This particular technology has made the skin more beautiful, younger and brighter, that does not seem to age, and is full of vigor. The Cell Bio skincare line is its most expensive Signia line, that has worked wonders for the skin. Aside from skincare, it also has a cosmetic line, perfume and men’s line.






Hera has developed, and continues to do, Korean beauty products that work well with any skin type and problem. It deals with dryness, dullness, excessive oil production, pores, whitening, flexibility, and skin ageing. Their beauty philosophy, “Beauty and Life come from the same source”, fits this brand well, as it only serves to improve the beauty a woman already possesses and makes it even more beautiful.









Hanyul is a natural cosmetics brand that sourced its skincare products from nature and folk remedies of Korea. These remedies for skin troubles were handed down through generations and has been found to be very effective. The Korean beauty brand targets women between the ages of 20-30, which are the age group usually in search for natural, mild and safe products.








Hanyul is also a Korean beauty brand under the Amore Pacific Corporation, and has been proclaimed as the other half of Sulwashoo, which also promotes younger-looking skin. The four colors in the Hanyul brand represent the four different lines. The Red line, represents the premium brand and is the most expensive. It targets anti-wrinkle, anti-aging, firming and elasticity of the skin. The Purple line centers on anti-wrinkle, repair, and nourishment of dehydrated and dull skin. The Blue line is the basic line, mainly for moisture replenishment and is suitable for all skin types. Finally the White Line is a premium line that concentrates on skin whitening.







The brand also has a Cleansing line that consists of four products: foam cleanser, cream cleanser, soap bar, and a private part cleanser. The Make-up line of Hanyul has 4 products to boast- a powder pact, BB cream, make-up base and foundation. The foundation contains 29% of natural herbal essences ingredients and is very moisturizing on the skin. The make-up base has about 30% of natural moisturizing ingredients that makes the skin appear flawless. Since BB creams are a trend, they gave it an SPF of 35 and natural moisturizers to keep skin soft and firm. Their powder pact contains Safflower extracts that brighten skin and covers imperfections. Hanyul is actually a well-known brand in Korea and is one of the best-selling brands.  



O Hui






O HUI is a high-end Korean cosmetics brand of the LG Group. It believes in the philosophy “when nature and science meet”, which entails that the laws of nature combined with science and technology creates excellent and high-quality beauty products. It targets different skin types and allows it to fully experience what O HUI products can do, without any adverse effects. It also centers on cleansing, moisturizing, whitening and anti-aging that really helps improve the skin’s condition. Due to its botanical ingredients, O HUI skincare and cosmetic products are deemed mild and non-irritating. With its high-quality and highly-functional products, more and more women will experience great skin.







SUM:37 is a premium Korean beauty brand that is also under the company, LG Corp. The brand is infamous for its fermented skincare line that is free from artificial coloring, preservatives and fragrance. The SUM:37 name is derived from the word, “sum”, which means to breathe. The 37 is added at the last part to refer to the perfect temperature for fermentation.  





The company reportedly has about 80 types of ingredients being fermented for 365 days, in very favorable conditions. Thus, it produces high-quality skin care products that makes a difference in the skin almost instantly. Because of this, the company is gaining waves of attention in Korea, despite being new in the beauty industry. Aside from the women’s skincare line, they have also ventured into men’s and baby’s lines.









IOPE is a premium Bioscience brand that belongs to AmorePacific Corporation. It started out in 1996 and is famous for introducing Retinol in the Korean market. Their products are based on highly-enriched herbal extracts, coupled with advanced science and technology. Through these factors, IOPE was able to come up with the best technology to achieve beautiful skin, that seeks balance within nature, science and humans. Their Bioscience technologies have helped women achieve the level of beauty they have always aspired to have.






IOPE has three major skincare lines. First, is the Moistgen line, developed mainly for dry and tight skin. Second, is the Super-Vital line to prevent the aging process. Lastly, is the Brightgen line, which aims to brighten dull skin and lighten up dark problem spots.  


They have also ventured into make-up line and has some of the most successful products, too.  IOPE’s most famous make-up product yet, is the Air Cushion Compact. The cushion, which has a BB cream-soaked spoge inside, has plenty of skin benefits. It has moisturizing, anti-aging, sun protecting, and color correcting capacities.








IOPE’s beauty philosophy has always been to provide highly reliable, proven and safe skincare solutions. That is why in 2008, they created Genius. It is a research organization composed of the best dermatologists, to seek answers to women’s skin problems through extensive research. The organization has already provided new trends for skincare since then. They are also available to provide counseling for customers.




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