BB Cream is one of the most popular new cosmetic trends worldwide. The Korean skin care market star since the 1980s, BB Cream is becoming increasingly more popular in the western world. You might be wondering a few things about it. 


For instance, you might wonder what BB Cream is and what it is even made of. You might also wonder how to use it and where to begin when choosing one for yourself to use. Where can you even find BB Cream and most importantly, do you need it? 


BB Cream is one beauty product that you cannot live without, and all of the questions that you have ever had about it are about to be answered so that you can add this amazing and groundbreaking product to your gorgeous makeup repertoire. Once you know everything there is to know about BB Cream, you will not be able to deny that it is a product that you must have. 



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What is BB Cream? 


BB Cream, which stands for Blemish Balm Cream, is a cutting edge cosmetic product that first became popular in Asian, and specifically, Korean cosmetics. It is one of the most popular new products in the cosmetics world. While BB Cream may seem similar to your everyday tinted moisturizer, it has many more benefits including a creamier texture, and lighter consistency. 


It is a miracle facial cream that was created to replace many other make up products all at once, multitasking as a sunscreen, primer, anti aging serum, concealer and foundation all in one. It can be worn in many ways depending on the needs and skin type of the consumer. 


Today’s BB Cream started out as a product invented in the 1960s in Germany by a female dermatologist. She was searching for a tool to protect the skin on the faces of her patients after they underwent laser facial peels. She was aiming to create a product that would not only protect the skin, but hide any redness for the duration of the healing process, hence the cream’s tinted color to match various skin complexions, it’s trademark characteristic. 


Shortly after its invention, BB Cream was introduced into the Korean Cosmetics market. It instantly became a hit in the Eastern world, with Korean celebrities endorsing the cream as a miracle product and influencing other women to join the bandwagon. Today, BB Cream can be found all over the world as it’s popularity has spread into the Western Hemisphere and women here have been getting wonderful results with it. 



What is BB Cream Made of? 





BB Creams come in many different formulas, and come in a variety of shades to match your skin color. Most BB creams are made with a mineral base so as to not irritate sensitive skin and also include ingredients that will prevent wrinkles, swelling and help to soothe the skin on the face, and around the eyes. 


Many creams also use Vitamin C which helps to brighten and rejuvenate the skin. Other ingredients in BB cream help to prevent aging, including Vitamins A, E and C. This product also contains moisturizing ingredients, such as hyaluronic acid and glycerin, mica which makes the skin glow, and dimethicone which helps to smooth the skin. Finally, most BB creams contain things like licorice and arbutin which will help to blend any discoloration and even out your skin tone. 



What does BB Cream do?


Most BB Creams will be effective at protecting your face from the sun’s harmful rays. They contain SPF 30 and higher, which is more than the recommended daily amount of SPF protection. They are also water and sweat resistant, which means that your face will be shielded from the sun throughout the day, preventing aging, sunspots, wrinkles and of course, skin cancer.  


Some companies even produce BB Creams that will help you to produce more collagen, making your face look younger and fresher. BB Creams usually come in to three to four shades that range from fair to medium-dark. However, oxidation helps the cream to blend into the color of your skin, so don’t worry about not being able to find your tone. This eliminates the often tedious task of finding the product to match your skin tone exactly, something women are all too familiar with from buying foundation and concealer. 


Tony Moly is a famous Korean Skin Care brand that produces Intense Care Snail BB Cream. Not only does this brand of BB Cream do all the amazing things that BB Cream is famous for, but it also gives skin a clearer texture, conceals redness and adds an illuminating glow to skin. It also has a high SPF level with SPF 45. 


What are the benefits of a good BB Cream? 





BB Cream is the perfect product for you because it can cut your morning makeup routine down by several minutes. You can skip through moisturizing, using concealer and foundation and, after applying BB Cream, skip to putting on your eye and lip makeup. It is extremely versatile and will replace at least five of the other products that you normally use, including moisturizer, primer, sunscreen, skin conditioner, concealer and even foundation. 


When you buy BB Cream, you will save not only time, but money too. According to Ni’Kita Wilson, as quoted on, “... a well formulated BB cream is...the only product you’ll need after you wash your face.” With the perfect BB cream, you will only have to remember to add gorgeous make up to your eyes, lips and face after throwing on your BB cream and running out the door. 



How to Choose the Right BB Cream for You?






When choosing a BB Cream there are many things that you should do to ensure that you are choosing the right product for your skin, tone and face. Choosing the correct BB Cream is important because making the correct choice, means that you will be able to reap all the magnificent benefits of BB Cream. 


One thing that you should think about in order to choose a good BB Cream is your age. For instance if you are in your twenties or thirties, you should choose a cream with a lighter consistency and perhaps a glowing or shimmering quality. These types of creams will be able to absorb into your skin better, and you may not need as much coverage as someone who is older. Women who are forty and older should probably choose a BB Cream that has an anti aging ingredient like Vitamin C and sunscreen, and a formula that is thicker. 


How you decide on which BB Cream to buy also depends on the way that you plan to use it and whether you will prefer to use a separate sunscreen. Other factors may include any changes in the moisture levels of your skin with the seasons and if your skin is generally oily, normal or dry. 


If you have oily skin, you may want to use a cream with a matte element that is made with natural products as your skin type is prone to sensitivity. If you have normal skin, you will want to just make your skin seem slightly smoother with your cream choice and if your skin is dry, you should probably go with a cream that is water based rather than a thick cream. 


You should also know what expectations you have for your BB cream so that it enhances your gorgeous makeup the way that you want it to. One reason that BB Cream is such a popular Korean skin care product is that early versions of BB cream offered to whiten the skin.  


If you are looking for a “cruelty- free” BB Cream, you can definitely choose Etude House, a Korean cosmetics brand that you can find on If possible you should get some samples from a local beauty store or an online one like, in order to match the cream to your skin tone before buying.



How to use BB Cream?






You might be wondering how exactly to incorporate this wonderful product into your beauty routine. There are many options, and the one that you choose depends on your specific make up and skin care needs. 


For instance, you might choose to replace all or most of the products that your currently use in your skin care regimen. Alternatively, you might choose to use BB creams to your advantage in order to help the products that you love to work even better than they already do. Some women like to use BB cream under a light foundation in order to hide acne scars. 


The product helps you to get fuller coverage without having to use an excessive amount of foundation which can sometimes feel like wearing a mask. All you need is a bit of BB cream, no bigger than the size of a pea, and you will have enough coverage to last you for an entire, normal day. Just dab it around your face and blend it in; you will be shocked at the smooth and flawless finish you get after such a simple application. 


If you are the kind of woman who does not like makeup but can still appreciate the polished look that applying gorgeous makeup can give you, all you need might be some BB cream and you will be good to go. Even men can use new BB creams that are made specifically for their use. 


One very beneficial way that you can use your BB cream is by ‘cocktailing’ it or mixing it together with another beauty product. BB Creams can make products like moisturizer, liquid foundation, shimmer cream, cream blush and anti-wrinkle serum, added advantages when mixed in. 


You can apply BB Cream to your face using your fingers, as has been traditionally done, or you can use a makeup brush or sponge for more even coverage. Many women like to layer their BB Cream by applying one layer, and after waiting for it to dry, reapplying more cream to problem areas on the face. 



What are the best brands of BB Cream? 


Some of the best beauty brands have been producing BB creams. You can find them for as little as five or ten dollars, or as much as one hundred dollars. While BB creams come in such a wide range of prices, it is more important that you choose the product that matches well with your make up needs than sticking to a price range. 


With so many options, how do you know which one is the right one? Some highly recommended brands include Tony Moly, Faceshop and Etude House, all of which you can find at




Etude House





Where to find BB Cream


Although the product started out mainly being sold in the Korean Cosmetics market, this gorgeous makeup asset is now available in Western markets. You can find a wide variety of BB Creams on, including those made by the brands Tony Moly, Faceshop and the Korean Cosmetics brand, Etude House. Of course, you can also find this product at your local beauty supply store. 


BB Cream is a wonderful and innovative product and many women wonder how they ever lived without it once they find the one that is right for them. It will certainly make your days more productive, and keep your wallet a little fatter by helping you to cut down on the amount of products that you use in your skin care and make up routine. If you are someone who enjoys a good value when buying makeup products, want a simple daily beauty routine and want a beauty product that moisturizes, protects and enhances your skin all at the same time, this is without a doubt the product for you. If you have not already tried BB cream, you should definitely that you try it today. 





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