Aromatica, a brand started by with an aim of producing safe and high quality products, which can be used by him and his family without any greed of making money. Aromatica is now available for wholesale at q-depot with the lowest wholesale prices. 

Alicia Yoon, the CEO of Aromatica claimed that she visited many research labs as many as she can to figure out the high standards of manufacturing safe cosmetics. She won appreciation around the world for her work in this field. That's why Aromatic is the only brand which earned EWG certified and awarded brand in Korea. 

One of the best things about Aromatica is, they have all the certifications you ever need to have a faith in the safety of the products you are using. Such as:

  1. VEGAN society certified: 

    They are registered partner of the Vegan Society which is the world’s oldest and most prestigious vegan organization. Aromatica uses only organic botanical ingredients and never uses animal-derived ingredients in order to uphold the respect for life. They keenly practice the principle of sustainable development by not using the ingredients derived from endangered plants. 

  2. ECOCERT Certified 

    Aromatica has obtained ECOCERT certification for some of its natural and organic products. ECOCERT is a worldwide organic certification organization that has gained credibility through strict monitoring and manufacturing standards. Aromatica is producing the ECOCERT certified products in its own production facility, which means that their facilities meet the strict standards for safe and organic production.

  3. EWG VERIFIED™ Certified

    Aromatica acquired the EWG VERIFIED™ certification for its 20 products in 2016. EWG Verified™ is a prestigious product certification system that evaluates the ingredients based on thorough examination and further improving the strict criteria of EWG Skin Deep.

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