7 Most Creative Korean Cosmetics Products You Should Know



When it comes to Korean cosmetics, you can be sure of creativity and uniqueness, which is not found in any other cosmetic. One thing you can be sure of is the fact that beauty is really a serious topic for Koreans and hence, Korean skincare products are one of a kind.






You might have heard of the Korean BB cream and CC cream (yes, they originated in Korea, and marked the beginning of new dimensions), but what Korean cosmetics has to offer, does not stop here. They do provide you with unusual components such as Red Wine Cosmetics, Sake Cosmetics, Snail Cosmetics, Snake Tox Cosmetics, Horse Oil Cosmetics, Caviar Cosmetics and Gold Cosmetics etc which you did not even think of using on your skin. Let’s take a closer look at these most creative Korean cosmetic products.



Korean Red Wine Skincare and Cosmetics





You might have heard that red wine is good for health, because it helps you control cholesterol, but have you heard that red wine can work as a cleanser? Well, that is an amazing fact, isn’t it? So, the next time, you try to down a peg of red wine, go ahead, and dip a piece of soaked cotton in red wine and rub it on your skin. You will be mesmerized by the results. Alternatively, you can also try out the Korean red wine cosmetics named Tony Moly I’m Real Red Wine Mask Sheet



Korean Sake Skincare and Cosmetics





When we are dealing with beverage, why not describe the Japanese wine everyone is so fond of. Yes, you have got it correct – Sake is a Japanese wine which is made by fermenting rice separated from bran. However, in addition to being a tasty beverage, Sake is used as a skincare product for Korean cosmetics. You can use it for various purposes including, but not restricted to face mask, cream, serumtoner and even powder. Well, who could have thought that alcohols can be seriously useful?



Korean Snail Skincare and Cosmetics





It might be the slowest moving organism on planet earth, but snails are really good for your skin, well, not exactly the crunchy part, but the slime. This may seem odd to some, yet, there are a lot of Snail cream products available in Korean cosmetic sectors, which people use in their day to day life. If you are not a fan of the organism, then what you can do is buy certain Korean snail cosmetics like the Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Moisturizer  and try it on your skin. It will definitely provide you with the desired results of new skin. On the other hand, you can go for snail cream or snail cosmetics and see if they really suit you. We don’t suggest that you go forward and take the snail slime and use it on your skin. However, we do suggest you to use the Korean Snail cosmetics product and see its moisturizing effects.



Korean Horse Oil Skincare and Cosmetics


Although Korean skincare cosmetics are cruelty free, yet once in a while you do get products obtained from animal products. The horse oil skincare products are one such type. Horse oil products have been used in the past for healing properties like cure against burn, or to cure insect bites, cuts and skin diseases like eczema and inflammation. The oil is obtained from the body fat of the horses without harming the animal.


Like bird’s nest, horse oil cosmetics dates back to ancient China while both of them have a similar composition which is able to penetrate and absorb into skin well. It contains high purity ceramide, which is a naturally occurring skin-identical ingredient, meaning that it helps the skin’s barrier (i.e. moisture and texture).


So, if you are interested in trying out Korean beauty products which has horse oil as ingredients, you can try out Guerisson 9 Complex Cream. Based on clinical test results, it is effective in whitening and wrinkles. According to test done by PK Skin Clinical Research Center, it was positively tested on human for 72 hours moisture retention.



Korean Snakes Tox Skincare and Cosmetics



Korean-Snake-Tox-cosmetics-Shara Shara



Toxins of the snake can be poisonous and you know of that very well; but did you know that snake tox is used as a major ingredient in Korean cosmetics? Of course, the venom is not used, because that will create more skin problems for you rather than solving it. Snake toxins can be used as fillers for your skin and is really good provided you don’t develop any irritation after using it. If you want to give the snake toxin beauty products a try, you can definitely buy Shara Shara Snake Tox Filler Cream and see for yourself how good its effects are.



Korean Caviar Skincare and Cosmetics






Caviar may taste good or bad to you according to your choice, however, it is an excellent beauty product which you should use if you are looking forward to remove wrinkles and crow’s feet from your face. Caviar forms the main ingredient in several anti-wrinkle creams which you can very easily obtain from the market. For example, you can try out Holika Holika Black Caviar Anti-wrinkle eye cream or Missha Pure Source Mask Sheet, if you are looking for an easy to use face mask with caviar.



Korean Gold Skincare and Cosmetics






Gold is a seriously precious metal, and has several properties, one being skin care. Gold serves the purpose of cell regeneration, and boosts blood flow in the applied area. The beauty products made by gold are also known to restore the elasticity of the tissues and have great anti – inflammatory properties. If you have dry skin, you can definitely try out moisturizers which use gold as a primary ingredient. One gold cosmetics product for dry skin would be Nature Republic Snail Solution Gold Essence . Other than that if you are looking to get rid of anti – wrinkles in your skin, then gold based beauty product such as Secret Key 24K Gold Premium First Essence will be a great choice.


Thus, knowing these amazing and creative Korean beauty products, you can be sure of trying them out and finding the benefits of them. Go ahead and choose the best Korean beauty product for your skin today and see the change! Who knows, you might even have a never – seen – before healthy glow after using these Korean creative cosmetics products which have been designed exclusively for you!



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